9 most unhealthy fast-food chains

9 most unhealthy fast-food chains

Our world moves so fast these days that it’s practically impossible to have sit-down meals at home on a regular basis. Everyone in the house has their own busy schedule and an unending list of hobbies and duties that vie for their attention every day.

So with the constant speed that we move at on a daily basis, we need our food to catch up with us as we make moves. The only problem is that the fast food that we regularly eat is increasingly bad for us. Consider your average fast food joint; they serve literally thousands of meals, snacks and drinks each and every day. With the volume of food that they have to put out (and as cost-effectively as possible) these companies look for any and all corners to cut in their product costs. This means that you are gobbling down the cheapest and fastest produced ingredients possible.

Our list covers some of the top offenders in the field, but don’t think that your favorite dive is safe because it’s not on the list… we only had room for ten.

o-XBOX-PIZZA-HUT-facebookPizza Hut – Just looking at all of that cheese and bread lets you know that this is unhealthy fast food.

WENDYSWendy’s – With pounds and pounds of red meat hitting your system, be prepared for the eventual heart issues, blood pressure problems, digestion troubles, etc.

Dunkin_donuts.previewDunkin’ Donuts – An endless supply of processed sugar & flour in donuts is never good for you, and their sandwiches don’t get any better.

kfc-catering-745x301KFC – The secret recipe may give it the taste that we love, but unfortunately, fried chicken just doesn’t love you back.

churchsChurch’s Chicken – Church’s takes the frying one step further, pretty much serving up chicken that is practically drowning in grease – a dieters worse nightmare.

bkBurger King – Although I love an occasional Whopper, probably the only good that can come across BK’s counter are the lettuce, tomatoes, pickles & onions – hold everything else.

taco-bell-six-ply-crunch-wrapTaco Bell – On a comeback from their own ingredient scandal, the Bell offers little in the way of healthy fare. I guess you could order a side of salsa – by itself.

subwaySubway – Though they brag about the healthiness of their sandwiches, their subs are not exactly short on sodium and calories.

little-caesar1Little Caesars – First hint: $5.00 for a whole pizza. This let’s you know that they are not investing in any ingredients that are even remotely healthy.

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