‘Walk in My Shoes’ a journey from turmoil to triumph


Walk in My Shoes is a journey from turmoil to triumph. The writer, producer and director of this play, Janet E., manages to paint a picture of redemption while holding those in judgment accountable for their actions. The stage set is a chair in the form of a stiletto placed in the middle of the stage next to a table with a Bible on it. In the first scene, we are introduced to a character many would call “a church mother” played by Karen Edmondson dressed in all white with an amazing Sunday hat atop her head. She speaks to the audience about why people are concerned about her being so happy at church. Then she begins to tell her testimony about losing children and divorcing eight husbands and how by the “grace of God” she has overcome these obstacles. She proceeds to remove her shoes and invites anyone who would like to switch places with her or even understand her more to walk in them. This is essentially the basis of the play, each character having their own story to tell.

Photo by Eddy "Precise" Lamarre

The production is centered on the strength of women and how they always end up on their feet. Many of these stories are relatable and touch a nerve that can spark change in the most tormented individual. Even though you know this play is based in the church, it is not preachy and you are not bombarded with a song every two scenes. This was an amazing production and we look forward to seeing more from Janet E.

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