Wendy Williams says it’s racist to call a White woman ‘Becky’

Photo credit: Wendy Williams via Youtube screenshot
Photo credit: Wendy Williams, YouTube screenshot

Beyoncé’s “Becky with the good hair” lyric from her Lemonade album is still stirring up trouble. Wendy Williams is now saying that calling a White woman Becky is racist.

On Thursday, Williams said to her talk show audience, “Becky is, to me, a slur against White women, and if I were you all, I wouldn’t take it. I wouldn’t.”

She was speaking about rapper Iggy Azalea, who had been roasted this week after she sent out tweets saying it’s not OK to call White women Becky.

“Don’t ever call me becky,” Azalea tweeted.

“You would not be down if I started calling all Black men ‘Deshawns,'” she continued.

Becky has been known as a term some Black people use to describe a White woman for several years, since many women named Becky happen to be White. But Williams agreed with Azalea that the name shouldn’t be used, and that Black people wouldn’t be happy if the shoe was on the other foot.

Well you know, in Beyoncé’s song ‘Lemonade,’ she says ‘Becky with the good hair.’ And I said earlier this week that Becky is not a nice term; I find it offensive for you White women,” Williams said. “No. I do. If you called me Shaniqua, I’d punch you in the face, OK? Becky?!”

There is still heavy speculation over who “Becky” is. The line seemed to be referring to a woman who Beyoncé’s husband, Jay Z, may have had an affair with. The singer’s fans have accused designer Rachel Roy and singer Rita Ora of possibly being the culprit. Roy and Ora have denied the allegations.

Now, Karrine “Superhead” Steffans is attempting to get some publicity off the rumors. She recently said she was once Jay Z’s “Becky” before he married Beyoncé.

“Over 15 years ago, I had Beyoncé’s husband,” Steffans wrote in a XOJane essay. “Yes, I was one of Jay Z’s Beckys back in the year 2000 for about three minutes, which is about as long it takes me to satisfy a man in the back of a Maybach while overlooking the beaches of Malibu, [California].”

Do you think it’s racist to call a White woman “Becky?”

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