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5 most interesting moments from Goodie Mob’s performance at Funk Fest 2016

Photo credit: Joycelynn Okezie of JokezOnMedia for Steed Media

Goodie Mob, the legendary hip-hop collective and Atlanta natives, made a huge imact on the first day of Pepsi’s annual Funk Fest. The group, which formed in 1991, consisting of members Cee Lo, Khujo, T-Mo, and Big Gipp, were all present except for Khujo, who they paid homage and respect to during their set.

To start the show off, Goodie Mob, which stands for “GOOD DIE Mostly Over Bulls–t” announced to the crowd after the opening song that regardless of who had formerly touched the stage, “It’s their home stage” and it is “Goodie Mob’s legendary stage.” To get the crowd amped up, the collective performed their single, “Soul Food,” which seemed to be a crowd favorite. There were younger folks present who wanted to vibe but were not too familiar with the songs performed, so to aid that, Cee Lo proceeded to ask the crowd which side of Atlanta they were from.

Photo credit: Joycelynn Okezie of JokezOnMedia for Steed Media

As soon as regions and zones of Atlanta we’re called out, this encouraged the crowd to represent their ‘hood and get a little more lively. Cee Lo and Big Gipp took turns taking the lead on stage to share what was a legendary night with the city of Atlanta and their true supporters.

Thirty minutes into the set, the atmosphere intensified as Cee Lo and the rest of the Mob danced and swayed to nostalgic jams like Cee Lo’s “I’ll Be Around.” After enticing the audience with his 2005 smash “GRILLZ,” Big Gipp proceeded to bring out special guest and Goodie Mob affiliate Sleepy Brown to perform “Stepping Out,” which was enthusiastically received by the crowd.

“A-T-L, get crunk with me!” Cee Lo screeched as he passionately danced on stage. As a first-timer seeing the MOB perform, I can honestly say they are soulful, raw and very confident, which is what in turn engages crowds and creates new fans. Goodie Mob’s set went so well, the crowd wanted more. Although their set time was almost up, Goodie Mob proceeded to bring fellow ATL-iens Andre 3000 and Big Boi on stage. If you weren’t in attendance last night, you can catch Goodie Mob performing at One Music Fest this fall.

Check out a highlight of their live performance by clicking continue.

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