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2 years after Mike Brown’s death, gunfire and violence erupt in Ferguson


Officer Darren Wilson, (Left) shot Mike Brown (right) on August 9, 2014 (Photo Credit: Ferguson Police Department and Mike Brown Facebook)

It’s been two years since the shooting death of unarmed Black teen Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri by police officer Darren Wilson on Aug. 9, 2014. Brown’s death spawned #HandsUpDontShoot movement as well as nights of violent protests in the city that saw a militarized police force confront citizens as Black Lives Matter began to form. Last nigh,t during a peaceful rally, senseless violence erupted.

A group of residents were standing on busy West Florissant Avenue when a speeding car struck a member of the group identified as Jacoby Thomas. The impact was so powerful Thomas was sent flying through the air then rolled and bounced in the street as the shocked crowd screamed in horror. Moments after the accident, gunfire rang out; fortunately, no person was hit, according to police. A short time later, police were able to stop the as of yet unidentified female driver. The driver stated that she did not see the man standing in the road when she struck him with her car. According to Ferguson spokesman Jeff Small, “By all accounts, her version of what happened seems to fit the version of what happened to a person driving down a busy West Florissant Avenue and not seeing a person standing there.”

There were scattered protests throughout the city, including Canfield Drive where Mike Brown was killed. Multiple persons described a night of chaos that saw at least one person in a wheelchair tasered by police. Tension in the city and mistrust against the police still continue as systemic injustice was exposed by a report by the Department of Justice. Michael Brown Sr. reflected on his son’s death and stated to media, “My son built families up, opened the eyes of the world and let them know this ain’t right. This color is not a disease. This color is beautiful. Black is beautiful.”

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  1. cupcake333 on August 10, 2016 at 6:53 pm

    mike brown sr make so much since his son death made us stand up and not just protest FERGUSON WAS THE first time america learned cop were using miltary weapons and so why was dallas police allowed to use a robbot IF WE ARE GUILTY TIL PROVEN? DALLAS POLICE DONT EVEN KNOW IF THOSE KILLINGS ARE RESULT OF JUST MICAH JOHNSON .. hundreds of people running why was micah j still in garage? since he had a good chance of blending in AND RUNNNING>??? since people were running all over? he knows strategy!! he learned in MILTARY
    if we can send soldier to afghanistan to kill ? why not expect them to fight for civil rights here in america?? they trained him like they train the white man TO GO TO WAR …
    I NOTICE THEY DONT TALK BOUT HIS PTSD BOUGHT ON IN AFGHANISTAN . .was he medicated or was he released diagnoised and let go no plan on how to help him cope ..

    it may be a fact anyone ex military should not work in law enforcement WE SAVE LIVES .. SOMEONE WHO SEEN A LOT OF KILLING AND WHO HAD KILLED BEFORE SHOULD NOT BE PATROLLING AMERICAS STREETS