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Gilbert Arenas wins big in battle against Laura Govan

Photo Credit: Instagram - @lauramgovan

Photo credit: Instagram – @lauramgovan

As previously reported, Gilbert Arenas sued his longtime girlfriend Laura Govan for libel after she allegedly aired out his dirty laundry in a series of leaked emails.

In the alarming emails, which surfaced last fall, Govan accused the former NBA star of stepping out on her with family members, as well as giving her multiple STDs, resulting in her ending their relationship. The “Basketball Wives” alum took it one step further, when she claimed Arenas arranged to have her former co-star Draya Michele attacked.

According to Arenas, Govan created a fake email account and shopped it to various news outlets before it finally saw the light of day on So, he slapped her with a suit, alleging she violated a court order in which she agreed not to make “derogatory or disparaging remarks” against him — just one month prior. Arenas also accused Govan of leaking a letter from his attorney to her legal team, screwing up their visitation agreement and violating the rules for exchanging their four beautiful children.

Now, a judge has ordered Govan to pay Arenas a lot of money, reports TMZ. On Saturday, Sept. 25, Arenas was awarded a default judgment in the case, in which the judge ordered Govan to pay $110,110 for his emotional distress. Though Arenas was looking for seven figures, the judge denied his request, citing a lack sufficient evidence — also taking into account that Govan revealed she “has very limited financial means at this time.”

Though it appears Gilbert Arenas has won the battle, he hasn’t won the war. Govan filed a lawsuit against Arenas in 2015, claiming he kicked her out of their L.A. mansion and sold her $1 million engagement ring. In the docs, Govan claimed she began dating Gilbert in 2002, and although the pair never had a formal wedding, they “lived together as husband and wife” and promised to “share equally” all of his earnings. According to Govan, the relationship fell apart a decade later, in 2014, when Gilbert “notified [Laura] to vacate the premises” of their home. To make matters worse, Govan claimed Gilbert then “forcefully took” the $1 million engagement ring he gifted her in 2008 and sold it without her permission.

While it appeared that Govan was ready to make amends just three months ago, sharing the below post via Instagram. We anticipate the recent ruling may force her hand to fight for a piece of Arenas’ multimillion-dollar pie.

Glad to see #LauraGovan is trying to make things right between her and #GilbertArenas!

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Unfortunately, what the estranged lovers are missing here is, while there’s a lot of money on the line, they’re single-handedly sabotaging their children’s happiness with all the drama. Here’s to hoping both Arenas and Govan put on their big boy/girl pants sooner than later.