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Married cop on the down low accused of raping drunk male suspect

 Brain Butler (Photo Credit: Facebook/Brian Butler)

Brain Butler (Photo Credit: Facebook/Brian Butler)

A police officer in Salem, Massachusetts is facing rape charges after an inmate accused him of sexual assault while in custody. On Halloween night, Salem Police Officer Brian Butler, a 20 year veteran of the force, stated that he had been drinking heavily earlier in the day. While on duty, a man was in taken into custody for flooding a motel room while he was intoxicated. According to police, the drunken inmate’s clothes were wet and he was given a blanket to cover himself while in the jail cell.

The inmate stated that Butler fondled him under the blanket while he was sleeping. When the man woke up, he stated that Butler took him to a broom closet and wanted to have sex. His accuser stated, “In fear, I said yes. After a few seconds I tried to pull away, then I asked him to stop. I asked him to stop three times and by the 3rd time he did and he took me back to my cell.” Security camera footage with audio corroborates the man’s statements according to police .

When confronted by a police captain about the incident, according to court records Butler stated, “I am embarrassed and I gave into temptation. I’ve embarrassed myself, my family and the police department.” Causing further drama is the fact that Butler’s wife is Salem Police Chief Mary E Butler. The couple have been married for 29 years and have three children together. Earlier this week, Chief Butler posted an open letter to the Salem Police Department Facebook page.  It reads in part , “You may or may not be aware that earlier tonight Officer Butler, my husband and your co-worker, was arrested by the Mass State Police and was charged with Rape and Indecent Assault and Battery due to an incident at the Police Station. Though I will not get into any discussions about the incident, know that in all matters, regardless of who is involved, we must always put our integrity and the service to the public above all as it reflects on the solid reputation this Department has worked so hard to build and maintain.”

Brain Butler pleaded not guilty to charges of rape and indecent assault and battery earlier this week and was released on $10K bail. If convicted he could face up to 20 years in state prison for his alleged crimes.

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