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Lavar Ball and Big Baller Brand have officially lost their minds

(Photo from @bigballerbrand/ Twitter) Lonzo Ball's debut shoe, ZO2: PRIME, is available online for $495.

(Photo from @bigballerbrand/ Twitter) Lonzo Ball’s debut shoe, ZO2: PRIME, is available online for $495.

Lonzo Ball‘s debut shoe design dropped on May 4. According to the Big Baller Brand website, “The ZO2 Prime is ushering in a new paradigm on and off the court. The ZO2: PRIME was meticulously developed at every stage by Lonzo Ball. Debuting in a low-top cut, the Prime flies first class without compromise.”

One pair of these shoes can be ordered online for $495.

Nearly $500 for a player’s shoes who hasn’t been drafted yet. Nearly $500 for a player’s shoe who hasn’t played a single game in the Summer League.

Granted, having the release under the independent family company makes the production process extremely expensive. However, as a point of reference, Jordan’s usually span around $160-$180 and the newest release Yeezy’s are available for $220. The Jordan brand is backed by Nike and the Yeezy brand is backed by Addidas and the faces of those brands are Michael Jordan and Kanye West. Jordan is known as the greatest player to ever touch a basketball court and West has made some of the best hip-hop albums that have been released since 2004.

Some celebrities have shown support for the Big Baller Brand unveiling:

What the Ball family is doing continues to be innovative and with any innovative pursuit, there will be plenty of doubters along the way. The vision to strive to become a billion dollar company is commendable, but patronizing different economic backgrounds before the company’s first shoe is released isn’t the best method of obtaining that goal.

Maybe one day, Lavar and the Big Baller Brand will prove all doubters wrong claiming he made a bad decision marketing the company’s first-ever shoe at nearly $500. Maybe one day, Big Baller Brand will be sold off to Under Armour for a billion dollars. Maybe one day, the ZO2’s will be the hottest new upscale fashion trend, despite the fact that they’re basketball shoes. Maybe Lavar’s marketing genius lives and he proves he’s mocking the system of overcharging brand names and the traditional belief that all rising athletes need to sign with a major shoe company for the duration of their career.Until that day, the jokes and memes have every right to flood Lavar’s mentions.


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  2. mrhowell2002 on May 6, 2017 at 10:46 pm

    uhhhh #PASS

  3. Oak510finest on May 7, 2017 at 3:04 am

    I certainly can understand their vision and passion to be the owners of their own brand. I think the first mistake as a startup was trying to see a return on profit to soon. They are more than likely trying to recoup, due to the initial expenses of trying to create, market and distribute your own shoe.

  4. Jason on May 9, 2017 at 12:59 pm

    Maybe one day Black people will stop waiting on White folk’s approval before growing a pair of balls. Maybe one day Black people will actually believe in themselves and support other Black folks either with their $$$ or their silence instead of always tearing each other down. Maybe one day…