Michael Brown’s parents will get millions in settlement with Ferguson

Michael Brown (Photo source: Facebook/MichaelBrown)

Michael Brown’s parents are close to reaching a settlement with the city of Ferguson, Missouri, in the wrongful death lawsuit they leveled against them for the unarmed teen’s shooting death in 2014.

The initial lawsuit was asking for $75,000 in addition to punitive damages and a judicial order against police tactics that unfairly targeted minorities in this predominantly Black St. Louis suburb. And it came after the U.S. Department of Justice released their findings that stated Ferguson law enforcement employed policies and routines that undermined “community trust, especially among African Americans.”

Anthony Gray, the attorney for Brown’s mother, Lezley McSpadden, is not speaking to the media about this matter, and details of a conference call between Judge E. Richard Webber and lawyers for Brown’s parents, former Ferguson police chief Thomas Jackson and Darren Wilson were sealed in the district court.

A person familiar with the settlement negotiations said that a settlement was close and that it would be for less than $3 million.

No one is giving an exact amount at this time, but $3 million is the limit of the city’s insurance, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

On Friday, lawyers for the city’s insurance company filed their own motion supporting the Brown family motion to seal documents. In a memo, the city’s lawyers also asked that any “proceedings” connected with the family’s motion be sealed, “including any hearings or conferences.”

Any settlement, however, would have to be made public under Missouri’s open records law.

Brown’s parents, Lezley McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr., filed the lawsuit in May 2015, less than a year after their son’s death on Aug. 9, 2014. The suit claims that an atmosphere of hostility toward African Americans led to Brown’s death. It said Wilson used excessive and unreasonable force, and Wilson and other officers were poorly trained.

A critical Justice Department report on the Ferguson police department found a “pattern and practice of unlawful conduct” including excessive use of force and the targeting of African Americans, the Dispatch reported.

Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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    1. Don’t forget to include:

      Especially when murdered for no reason*, other than being black**.

      * if you ignore the physical evidence and eyewitness testimony (20 people +) that he was punching a police officer through the window of his patrol vehicle while using his body to prevent the door from opening.

      ** as are most of the eyewitnesses who testified.

      1. @Jawohl Why is it so difficult for whites to accept their savagery?

        Why do you always lie about the victims to justify their murder? You whites never once say that the racist cop was wrong and a cold blooded murderer. Yet you expect black people to always accept your lies about the victim being at fault. That defies both logic and probability.

        Mike Brown- His Fault/justified
        Tamir Rice – His Fault/justified
        Philando Castille- His Fault/justified
        Alton Sterling – His Fault/justified
        Trayvon Mattin – His Fault/justified
        Walter Scott- His Fault/justified
        Terrencr Crutcher- His Fault/justified
        Freddie Gray -His Fault/justified
        Sandra Bland – Her Fault/justified
        Ezekial Ford – His Fault/justified
        Oscar Grant – His Fault/justified
        Sam Dubose – His Fault/justified
        Keith Lamont Scott – His Fault/justified

        Again, from a probability standpoint. How is it that black victims are always wrong? While white perpetrators are always right?

        1. My comment is regarding Mike Brown. You continue making blanket statements about an entire race of people. It’s hard to take you seriously even when there are hints of truth and areas where we might share common ground because you make comments that are just as racist and dumb as something we might expect to hear from any other (pick your race) ignorant racist mouthbreather.

          Might I be the first to say.

          (In some cases above)
          The racist cop was wrong and is a cold blooded murderer. But regarding the topic at hand. Officer Wilson did what he had to do. Mike Brown didn’t have to do what he chose to do with his last moments alive. His family got a payout that takes a big fat dump all over true victims of race based crime. To put him in the same category as someone like Philando Castille dishonors good people whose tragedy should be catalysts for improving our society and ourselves.

          1. You say I make a blanket. Yet you make a blanket justificstion for the murder of unarmed black people.

            Also, you as a white woman. Which includes whites as a whole, cannot speak on racism. Because you have never experienced it. The system of white supremacy whether you participate or not, was created to benefit you. Simply because of your skin color.

            You still have not address why it is so difficult for whites like yourself. To admit when a racist cop is s murderer. Darren Wilson lied sbout the initial stop. He was part a unit disbanded for their racist policing, was being investigated for previous brutality, and admitted using racist epithets.

            No way a teen who is jaywalking. Would then become some violent super criminal and try take s cops gun. Just becsuse he was told to get out the street. While keeping in mind it is almost impossible to see a holstered weapon, let alone grab it from a person sitting in a car.

          2. 1. I never made the blanket statement you are claiming.
            2. You are wrong. I have experienced racism, simply because of my skin color.
            3. “no way a teen who is jaywalking…” There’s a whole lot of guessing there. The evidence doesn’t support your viewpoint (in the case of Brown/Wilson).
            4. The delusional, irrational and nonsensical fantasies are obviously quite abundant. I.E. – cookoo talk about monkey dna and caves in your previous comments.

            Anyway. We agree that racism is a real fact of life for a whole lot of people. We agree that there seem to be far too many instances of disproportionate use of force against civilians. We agree to have a nice weekend. Peace!

          3. If you are not black, then no you have not experienced racism. Discrimination maybe, prejudice possibly.

          4. Really?

            prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.
            “a program to combat racism”
            synonyms: racial discrimination, racialism, racial prejudice, xenophobia, chauvinism, bigotry, casteism
            “Aborigines are the main victims of racism in Australia”
            the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.
            noun: racism
            “theories of racism”


          5. YES REALLY! Definition of racism

            1:  a belief that race is the primarydeterminant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

            2a :  a doctrine or political program based on the assumption of racism and designed to execute its principlesb :  a political or social system founded on racism

            3:  racial prejudice or discrimination

            SO LOOKING AT 2a and 3. How have you been a victim on racism? By the way name calling does not count.

          6. Could you please explain to me why, I as a white person cannot talk about it. As a disclaimer, I am a white upper middle class man that is aware of systematic racism but who won’t apologize for any of mine or my family’s success. Since I am aware of systematic racism, I would think you would want people like me as an ally? But you should also know that white people are aware that black people can be just as racist as white supremacists. Yet, somehow it seems you don’t think that can be true. Why is that. I also know that I had an easier path to success than most people of color and would like modern America to somehow even out that discrepancy. But I would be more likely to want to help if you don’t demand I give you everything just because, or that you don’t need to work for it. I’m not trying to be argumentative, I’m just trying to learn

          7. @ Nicholas Mayer Simply, because you cannot talk or debate something (racism/white supremacy) that you have not or will never experience.

            Do you debate or talk about child birth with your wife or mother? Of course you don’t. Because you will never experience it. Your opinion has no value as compared to someone’s actual experience.

          8. You are wrong that white people don’t experience racism. You don’t think they do and I don’t think I’ll ever understand why some black people think way. I live in a majority black city and my wife and I are the only white people in our neighborhood, do you really don’t think I’ve experienced any racism?

          9. White people being called names is not racism. A old tactic of white supremacy is to keep people confused about what racism is.

            Racism is systematic discriminatoon, that affects the entire group of it’s intended target. Not someone using racist epithets, which is what whites love to use as an example of racism.

          1. @ Mayerna Because it is something that is not natural to them. Unlike whites where beastiality, homosexuality, and incest, to name a few. Are natural to them, that is why so many practice it.

            It is also due to whites animal DNA, as confirmed by their own white scientist. Who claim that whites subhuman characterstics are due to their Neanderthal and primate (rhesus monkey) dna.

          2. Ok, so you’re a troll. Either all people’s DNA is the same or it isn’t. If it isn’t there are WAY more studies showing white people being smarter than blacks. Actually there isn’t a single study showing blacks smarter. Also, the are black homosexuals etc etc etc

          3. YeS, there is one book called the Bell Curve. Which tries unsuccessfuly to prove white intelligence over blacks. The purpose of that book and things like the IQ test. Was created by whites to try and convince themselves that they were an intelligent race of people. Despite the fact of their inherit disadvantage of having animal DNA.

            As previously mentioned. Most if not all social ills were created by whites. That is why any civilization they are a part of, has evidence of beastiality, homosexuality and incest. These practices now affect almost every race of people, due in part to white culture dominating society.

            There is absolutely zero evidence of ancient black civilizations having any of these aforementioned social ills.

            Lastly, there is empirical data that confirms whites and blacks do not have the same DNA. Which confirms that whites are not desendants of ancient Africans. But rather a hybrid species that was created and popped up out of nowhere from the caves of the caucus mountains only 6000 or so yrs ago. This is not debatable and has been confirmed a number of times, by your very own scientist.

  1. Even the private autopsy report from the examiner hired by Brown’s family shows an initial bullet wound entered his right hand by the base of the thumb from a weapon discharged only inches away. The first bullet was lodged inside the driver’s side door just above the armrest. I still cannot believe that Michael Brown is viewed as a victim in this case. I’m sorry if the taxpayers and insurance companies have to pay out to the family of a criminal who died while assaulting a police officer. Michael Brown is a horrible person to use as an icon for BLM.

    Here’s a link to the actual evidence and testimony presented to the grand jury.


    1. @Jawohl Of course you would believe Mike Brown is a horrible person. That is how white supremacist justify their savagery. Which is to always blame the victim. Catholic priest are known to do the same. They blame the children for “seducing” them, which in their sick mind justifies their molestation.

      In addition, white supremacist do not care about truth, logic or facts. They are only intetested in maintaining a system of subjugation. Thus will always support the military arm of white supremacy. Which are race soldiers such as Darren Wilson, who are posing as cops!

      1. @Oak510finest Read my post again. Pay extra-special-close attention to the part where it says Mike Brown is a horrible person… TO USE AS AN ICON FOR BLM.

        There are plenty of people who are victims of racism that can be used to support the movement. Mike Brown isn’t that person. Take your right hand. Press on the area just below your thumb on your palm. Now imagine how you get shot there with muzzle burns (which only project about 3 inches total from that type of pistol). Hint, hint – it’s very likely he had his hand on top of Officer Wilson’s gun inside the vehicle.

        You are welcome to view the truth, logic and facts in my original post via the New York Times. But perhaps you are only interested in your own simple and racist narrative?

        1. @Jawohl Your babble and lies are typical tactics of white supremacist. You have not stated one truth of Michael Brown and quite frankly couldn’t if you wanted. As white suprenacist have a severe allergic reaction to the truth.

          The murderous thug and race soldier Darren Wilson murdered Michael Brown for no reason. Then told lie after lie to cover his cowardly and heinous act. The truth of what happened was explained in graphic detail by Dorain Johnson who was there and a eyewitness. No mythical or delusional renactment filled with lies by racist and white supremacist sympathizers can dispute his eyewitness account…period!

          1. You’re a real idiot. Eyewitnesses and forensic evidence call you a lying, angry racist black supremacist thug lover. You know who the victims are? The residents whose taxes will go up to cover the city’s losses. But you don’t care.

          2. @ Ronald Burgess Oh, stop your whining maam!! Nobody believes your lies or babble! Oh and adjust your skirt cause your undies are showing!!

            You are lucky I don’t condone violence against women or support animal cruelty. But you are certainly pushing it there Ms.!!???

          3. Because they assume paying will be cheaper than having 3 days of riots burning down local businesses. Plus, the city isn’t in charge of the payout, the insurance company is.

  2. what is the point in paying out all this money? it want bring him back and black folks will spend that money wildly and not take care of the comomunity . and open up charity in the person that dieds name i mean so much she can do besides by a new home , trips cars and bs

    1. How the Hell do you know what his family is going to do with the money? Why is it your business how they spend it? Who are you to determine how it should be spent? Stop judging all black people on the few things you Think you know.

      1. my point was money want justify a murder i would be offended that they think so . im not sure what they will do , but a lot of them i read have squandered it , forgetting what the money was made for.

    2. Perhaps if they see black families getting rich off the wrongful death claims, the cops will stop killing their sons and daughters. I hope the family spends the money in whatever way they see fit.

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