Kyla D. Pruitt tells us how she turned her tragedy into a victory

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Kyla D. Pruitt is the CEO and founder of KylaNicole LLC, an international speaker, author, and an expert in law and public policy analysis. Pruitt developed a passion for empowerment at an early age, dedicating her time and work to inspire, coach and invest in the minds and hearts of both men and women through the KylaNicole Brand. Pruitt specializes in overcoming trauma and building businesses from a legal aspect.

How did you get into your business?
My business came about while in a place of struggle. I was dealing with my divorce and sexual assault and out of that, my purpose was revealed. I knew I would turn my tragedies into victories for others.

How do you handle stress in your business? 
Stress is inevitable in any business. For me, I simply take time to refocus, communicate, and really process the immediate issue. I’m very direct and transparent so I have no problem assessing a situation and deciphering how to handle it.

What is the biggest hurdle you’ve overcome since becoming a business owner? 
I would say handling the inconsistencies. There are many unpredictable moments being a business owner. Being able to fully navigate that and not just take anything or anyone for financial gain has been critical to overcoming those inconsistent moments.

What is the biggest achievement you’ve accomplished with your business?
Harmony and honestly, identifying my brand. Every brand is different and because I’m passionate about so many things, it took me some time to really define my audience and hone my craft.

In your opinion, what is the key to success?
Work ethic. Some will say it’s consistency, but in all honesty, having the drive, passion and work ethic is what it takes to be a success in anything, in my opinion. You can’t be consistently inconsistent.

What’s the best business tip you can give a person who is looking to merge into your field? 
My advice would be to know your field, do your research, and connect with like-minded people. Although I have trained and have the degree to accompany my profession, I still have to know my lane and connect with women/men that are doing the work.

What is a quote or mantra that motivates you?
I actually have a few. More like a top three. My absolute favorite mantras and quotes that keep me going are: “Excuses make you average”, “You are not your circumstance, you’re your decision” and “Do everything authentically!”

What advice would you give your younger self about growing up as a woman in this world?
I would say, listen. I spent a lot of time talking and it wasn’t until I learned to observe that I ended up learning. The more you know, the less you speak.

If you were the first woman president, what would be your first order of business?
That’s an amazing question. I honestly don’t know. If I had to make an assessment now because law and policy is my thing, I would call into play some serious revisions of our policies as it relates to public policies, communities, and administrations (police, teachers, etc.).

What was your last Google search? 
My last Google search was how to make chow mein. I’ve been craving it and wanted my husband to make it. What can I say, food strikes me often these days.

Pruitt has earned her doctorate in law and public policy administration at Walden University; successfully completed coursework at Florida Coastal Law School; finished her master of science in corporate organizational communication at Northeastern University, as well as her life coach certification. For more information, please check out her website www.KylaNicole.Org

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