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Destiny Inspire: Atlanta’s fastest-growing empowerment expert

Destiny Inspire: Atlanta's fastest-growing empowerment expert
Destiny Inspire (Photo credit: DeWayne Rogers for Steed Media)

Known as “The Empowerment Juggernaut,” Destiny Inspire is an expressive speaker, life coach, author and CEO of Destiny Inspire LLC. Her focus is empowering, impacting and inspiring others to create the life they desire and were designed to live.

She has spoken to hundreds of women and youth and conducted workshops at colleges, universities and schools and for youth groups, nonprofits, churches and others. Using practical and effective principles, she coaches and empowers women to achieve their goals. In only two months, her new book, Discovering Destiny, has sold hundreds of copies, helping readers tap into their purpose in 31 days or less. 

What proactive steps did you take to become Atlanta’s fastest-growing empowerment expert?

Success leaves clues. So, one of the proactive steps I took was to study others who were already successful in my field. I took what I learned from others, mixed it with my own personal style and found a way to win in my own lane. I also hired a coach who had been where I was trying to go.

Who is your ideal client?

My ideal client is one who is tired of setting goals but not executing on them. They have tried figuring out things alone and haven’t been as successful as they wanted to [be]. They’re now seeking empowerment, accountability, guidance and a plan of action to reach new levels of growth, change and success.

What inspires you each day?

Each day I am inspired by a call, text, email, social media post or message from someone I’ve helped empower. Knowing others are able to push past obstacles, execute on a goal, or have the courage to conquer their fears is my greatest inspiration.

When did you first visualize yourself doing what you do now?

Since I was about 5 years old. I acquired a lifelong love for wanting others to feel valued and being that “go-to” girl for empowerment and encouragement. 

Best free tip you can give our readers for empowering their lives?

The best free tip I can give you for empowering your life is to first know that you have power! Alice Walker — also an Atlanta native — says, “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” Once you realize that you have authority, you can always reinvent, redefine and realign your own life with no permission or validation needed.

Atlanta is often referred to as a Black mecca. What about Atlanta makes it a Black mecca?

Atlanta is a Black mecca because of its history of rich soil that consistently cultivates creativity and curiosity for those bold enough to step out on their dreams and endeavors. Because Atlanta is so full of culture and diversity, it not only attracts the Black community, but it has a unique way of connecting us together for a common purpose. 

Visit Destiny Inspire on her website at, and follow her on social media at:

@destiny_inspire on Instagram

@destinyinspire on Facebook

@destinyinspire1 on Twitter

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