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Exclusive: Mo’Nique’s emails reveal her real issue with Hollywood

From: Hicks Media
Sent: Thursday, October 6, 2016 1:15 PM
To: [email protected][REDACTED]; Ricky Anderson
Cc: Robin Lee
Subject: Re: Making it right

Hello Will,
In the words of Columbo ” Just one more thing”. Mo’Nique felt I should clearly state the only reason I emailed you recently was to strongly suggest that you be good and stop trying to intimidate her by coming in close proximity of her while staring her down, and saying nothing along with your lady friend, I’m sorry I mean your assistant. And, you do know that real men don’t try to intimidate women, especially when they really need to apologize to them for their dishonesty at the worst, or due to their inability to hold up their end of the bargain because they bit off more than they could chew, at the very least. Either way an apology is more effective than you eye balling her, and your failure to address my accusation of you staring Mo’Nique down (since you’re so word and detailed specific) actually says a lot being that any real man worth his salt accused of doing something he didn’t do, especially something as cowardly as trying to intimidate a women, would state first thing that either that didn’t happen or that wasn’t their intention; however, failing to address it at all in essence was your admission of guilt.
If you ever want to Man Up and own your mistakes I welcome your call, because I don’t take any of this personally, but in the interim I’ll ask you pretty please with sugar on top to be respectful to Mo’Nique, along with your sidekick, I’m sorry I mean your assistant, and you and I will have no issues moving forward. Also, it is because I am a gentleman that I am approaching you politely as opposed to with “Vitriol”, as you say, and or trying to intimidate you like you did with Mo’Nique, who happens to be my wife, the mother of my children, and my best friend for thirty five years now, so please play nicely okay? Also, you said you fought for Mo’Nique to give her this opportunity despite the rumors that were out there; ask yourself did she ask you to fight for her, and did she approach you, or did you approach her? Furthermore, when you speak of your “Altruistic gestures” did you do more for her, or more to her by giving her your broken promises and 200k? In the words of the candidate I’m sure you’re supporting Donald Trump ” What did you have to lose” with an Oscar Winner, especially when the audiences and even the cast say she stole the show, but she’s the one you choose to burn? Last point, to show you how your ego driven words can trip you up, if you’re the Head Nigga In Charge why ever would you have to fight for Mo’Nique, “You da man” so you just saying you want her should be enough big guy, huh; you’re either the HNIC, or your not, which one is it?
As always I thank you ever so kindly for your time and consideration in this regard, and lets move forward without childish and petty games.
All the best,
Sidney Hicks

Hicks Media Inc.

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