Georgia Sheriff Victor Hill admired as a superhero in his community

Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill is a popular elected figure in the metro Atlanta community he serves. Known for his no-nonsense approach, Hill is feared by criminals throughout the entire state of Georgia. Beyond being a sheriff who patrols the streets, who leads drug raids and who is strategic about law enforcement, Hill also has […]

Injustice in the justice system

We want very specific things from our criminal justice system: safe streets, low crime, the correct people in jail and low-level, nonviolent offenders out of jail. It seems a small request, but even before 14-year old Emmett Till was lynched for allegedly saying “bye, baby” to a White woman at a store in Mississippi, our […]

Black women inspire Black men; we just don’t say it enough

“Who run the world? Girls.” According to Beyoncé, the power of women is something to be reckoned with. Even Atlanta’s current mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, let the world know women were strong, powerful and in charge when she blared the battle cry throughout the Georgia World Congress Center recently at her second annual “State of […]

Atlanta: The strength of a diverse mecca

Since Harlem was recognized for its Renaissance in the 1920s, people have been seeking the next place to tout as a Black mecca — a place that attracts people and the dreams of those living there. The definition holds steady, but does the location? In 1973, Black communities and progressive Whites brokered the deal that made […]

Check your watch; it’s time to lead

Some people rang in the new year with fireworks, singing and dancing, while others promised to improve themselves, resolving to be more decisive, more focused and more inspiring. And let’s not forget the inauguration of newly elected officials in our cities, counties, states and the federal government. As enthusiastic politicians assume the mantle of leadership, […]

You are free to be healthy, seriously

What is health? Is it understood purely by the habits of our physical workout routines, doctor’s visits or dietary commitments? Can our understanding of health expand beyond traditional exercise, eating rituals and trends in our societal comprehension? Health is defined as being “free” from injury or illness. This “working” definition provides us with a foundational […]

Black, bold and ready to do business

In the James Baldwin movie I Am Not Your Negro, a line stands out to me as truth: “Integration came because consumer firms realized that Blacks had dollars.” There it was. Our tolerable integration was not based on the fairness of the system or our humanness but rather predicated on our economic strength. The majority advertising firms […]

Elections have consequences, for real

“Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won.” These were the words spoken on Jan. 23, 2009, by then-President Barack Obama to House Republican Whip Eric Cantor. Fast-forward to our present reality, and we see the wisdom of Obama’s words even clearer. Many will attempt to sanitize the emergence of this […]

Exclusive: Lee Daniels’ emails reveal how petty he was with Mo’Nique

By now most people have seen the confrontation between Damon Dash and Lee Daniels, where Dash let it be known that Daniels was going to pay him his $2 million or risk another lawsuit and public humiliation. After their confrontation went viral, Daniels went public and agreed he should have repaid Dash’s investment and has made […]

Mo’Nique releases secretly recorded conversation with Tyler Perry

If you thought the saga between actress-comedienne Mo’Nique  and mogul movie director Tyler  Perry was over — think again. Rolling out has obtained never before heard phone conversations of Mo’nique, her husband-manager Sydney and Tyler Perry. In the recordings, Tyler admits that the “difficult to work with” brand which has been attributed to Mo’Nique was […]

Why you should care about the Fulton County magistrate judge race

There’s an election that everyone who lives in Fulton, does business in Fulton or simply drives through Fulton should be aware of; the Fulton County chief magistrate judge race. Fulton County has never had an elected chief magistrate judge, but after a change in the law, it was decided that Fulton should mirror the other 158 […]

White Georgia mayor says White residents don’t want Black leadership in city

Not too far from the bustling city of Atlanta is the smaller, lesser-known city of Stockbridge. Over the last few years, Black residents have been moving into this developing region, creating a more ethnically diverse population. This residential trend eventually led to the election of an all-Black city council. In their last election, the first […]

Netflix and team Mo’Nique emails show Mo’Nique telling the truth

After reports emerged that actress-comedian Mo’Nique was actually offered $3M from Netflix rather than the low-ball amount of $500K, social media lit up in a frenzy. Mo’Nique and her husband-manager Sidney Hicks both claimed the offer was never in the millions and promised to provide proof. Rolling out has obtained emails between Netflix and Hicks. […]

Exclusive: Mo’Nique’s emails reveal her real issue with Hollywood

Mo’Nique and her hubby-manager Sidney Hicks came on this writer’s radio show “Real Talk with Rashad Richey” (click here for the interview) and exposed even more bombshells about their tumultuous contract negotiation with media mogul Netflix and how Will Packer allegedly ripped her off. If you have been following the entertainment news surrounding Mo’Nique and Hicks, […]

Black Georgia mayor who couldn’t get keys to city hall brings legal apocalypse

The first African American man to ever be elected in the Southern city of Camilla, Georgia, says his town is actively involved in discrimination against him and Black citizens. After he was elected he asked the Council for keys to get into City Hall, they responded by voting unanimously to deny him this level of […]

Georgia has no love for minority contractors

As Georgia’s hope to become the new home to the second headquarters of Amazon has made headlines, another Peach State story has been silenced for years — the plight of minority contractors who do everything from building infrastructure to performing high-level IT operations. While city and county governments are free to pass local legislation to […]