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Exclusive: Mo’Nique’s emails reveal her real issue with Hollywood

On Oct 5, 2016, at 5:28 PM, Hicks Media <[email protected][REDACTED]> wrote:

Hello Will,
How am I harassing you like I asked you for your love and you keep saying no or something like that, when in truth I’ve only asked you to make things right with Mo’Nique, due to you not standing behind the amount of weeks you said she would be needed for the film, and her time commitment pertaining to travel for the promotion of this film? Also, what could I possibly bait you into doing other than telling the truth by engaging in dialogue with me about the “Big Three Picture Deal” you wanted to offer Mo’Nique, to the Sitcom that you unequivocally said would be shot in Atlanta but it all fell by the waste side, remember? To address another concern of yours, HNIC just like Nigger is typically non offensive in our community depending how it’s said; however, you’re not that far removed to know that their is a flip side to that, and our conversation was about your companion, I’m sorry I mean your assistant, barging into Mo’Nique’s trailer asking Robin, about what she was doing with her shoes off, and what was she doing for Mo’Nique work wise, so how is that playing? If we were joking why was Shayla standing at the trailer door with her arms folded which is Body Language 101 implying a resistant posture, and you Brother Will were so out of sorts that you couldn’t sit down and look us eye to eye, so you had to stand up while we sat down listening to you pontificate and profile for your companion, I’m sorry I mean for your assistant, so don’t lie about us being irritated about all the other employees as being the catalyst to you saying you’re the HNIC due to the fact in that moment, it was solely about Shayla, remember?
Please know the issue wasn’t with you using the term HNIC in jest, because Mo’Nique most certainly uses cuss words on stage jokingly, the problem was that you weren’t joking, and your actions showed you believed your own hype, not just with us, but in other ways like disrespecting the director and giving direction to Mo’Nique when you’re the producer not the director, remember? Aside from your ego maniacal behavior let’s address the contradictions, remember you told us you had to check with Universal to find out if you could provide Mo’Nique with her own hair and make up team, her own trailer, transportation to and from the set after twenty hour days made us think if you’re “The Man” or HNIC why would you need to check with them for something an Oscar Winner you got onboard for 200k, should have without question?  Also, think about it what kind of coonage is it that you black man would even say I’m the HNIC because I haven’t heard an African American man say that since Morgan Freeman in “Lean on Me”, and didn’t you read in college that the HNIC is indicative of “The Masters” number one slave who kept the other slaves in check, is that what you meant, please explain? Also, Mo’Nique never called you Nigger in play or seriously, she called you Head Nigger In Charge, to mirror the ridiculous opinion you have of yourself, and at that moment you replied ” I guess you’re never going to let me live that down” and she said “You’re right”. Now why would you say “You’re never going to let me live that down” as opposed to “Mo’Nique you know I was just playing why are you going there” if you were joking?
When you say I’ve aimed my harassment at everyone from production to the Universal Publicity Team, were you aware (and I’ve got the emails to prove it) the young lady in production you speak of just walked into Mo’Nique’s trailer unannounced while she was getting dressed, and her reply wasn’t I’m sorry, but instead ” Oh I almost saw you naked huh” in jest, so if I understand you correctly, you would label that as harassment on my part for addressing her on behalf of Mo’Nique, really? Regarding the Publicity Dept. were you aware that Alex Metzer apologized profusely for the disrespectful way one of her subordinates approached me about Mo’Nique, and this was on the heels of David Talbert doing something you should’ve done and told them all they had to do was treat us with courtesy and respect and they’d have no problem at all? And, since then Alex and I have mutually expressed the pleasure it’s been dealing with one another; now do you need emails to disprove your unfounded accusations of “Harassment” being that I have them, along with a twenty person interview where Mr. Roosevelt asked the cast and crew of all colors and positions what was their experience was with Mo’Nique, so stop with the we had a problem with white people stuff please; as there is a difference in having a problem with white people and having an interest in people of color are working too.
Also, I’ve never rejected any attempts to have positive discourse with you, how could I reject something you’ve seemingly been afraid to have, and please don’t confuse vitriol with stating facts because it would imply you don’t know the definition of vitriol. Furthermore, please produce the emails where I’ve spoken in a vitriolic fashion to you, or tried to renegotiate the deal; you see by the virtue of pride that I take in speaking decently though at times directly, I’d never let you off the proverbial hook by addressing you nastily, as that would be the perfect out for you, and I’ve also done enough business to know a deal is a deal.  Regarding my “Unique” understanding of the English language and how poorly I write perhaps it’s is indicative of me dropping out of college after only three years. Maybe if I stayed that extra year I’d be a better writer and a better judge of character and realized you were being insincere with us all along, but thanks for teaching us about you, for this has been a great education too. When you use terms like swindle money like in my past to describe my attempts to have you apologize for the mistakes that you admitted to our attorney, but not to Mo’Nique, that’s a hoot coming from a guy whose being sued for allegedly swindling good brothers money who tried to help you when you were starting off. We may be difficult because we don’t let people punk us, but we’ve never been accused of being swindlers, by someone being sued and accused of swindling; man that Napoleonic Complex is going to get you yet.
Pertaining to careers being where they are I think you’re right, self analysis is always good, so examine why you didn’t call me but Ricky to fake like you were checking to see if I needed to talk with you immediately, but then send an email like I’ve been trying to take your booty, while not answering any of my questions from my previous email. I also want to compliment you for being so clever not to attach the prior correspondence to the email I sent you for fear of comparing and contrasting what you’ve failed to address. By the way if you stop trying to be clever and just be straight up, the “Ham Handed” rudimentary attempt you’ve offered to discredit me while giving Ricky his due props is nullified by the fact that since Ricky is as awesome as we know he is, why would he risk his reputation dealing with me, based on all that you say I am not? Lastly, from Lee Daniels, white people, black people, Oprah, Tyler, all people, and in the words of Alderman Davis you too “Willona”, we love and respect everybody my man, however we over-respect no one. So you keep being the HNIC because you fail to realize that the N in HNIC is all you are once you lose the H.I.C. by your own admission, ya dig?
P.S. I wanted to let you see how well you treat your people and the provisions you offer HNIC, enjoy.  It’s mind blowing, pun intended. LOL.
All the best,
Sidney Hicks
Hicks Media, Inc
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