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Camille Cosby goes on tirade about Bill Cosby’s sexual assault conviction

Camille Cosby goes on tirade about Bill Cosby's sexual assault conviction

Bill Cosby’s wife of 54 years unleashed a blowtorch on her husband’s accusers, calling the prosecutors and mainstream media “lynch mobs” who delivered “mob justice” against the iconic entertainer. This was the first time Camille Cosby has spoken publicly since the star of the “The Cosby Show” was found guilty of sexual assault one week ago, the New York Times reports.

“Once again, an innocent person has been found guilty based on an unthinking, unquestioning, unconstitutional frenzy propagated by the media and allowed to play out in a supposed court of law,” Camille Cosby said in a three-page statement delivered to the press.

“This is mob justice, not real justice.This tragedy must be undone not just for Bill Cosby, but for the country.”

Camille Cosby said her husband’s sexual assault trial was tantamount to the infamously martyred teen Emmett Till and other black men who are routinely and falsely accused of rape by White women. She accused former Temple University employee Andrea Constand — who was the plaintiff in the trial that convicted Bill Cosby — and dozens of others of delivering rehearsed, fabricated stories to implicate her husband and permanently contaminate his legacy.

She then trained her sights on the media, saying they engineered a malevolent, search-and-destroy mission to topple the legendary comedian that was a “frenzied, relentless demonization of him and unquestioning acceptance of accusers’ allegations without any attendant proof.”

Camille Cosby was not finished.

“I firmly believe (Constand’s) recent testimony during [the] trial was perjured; as was shown at trial, it was unsupported by any evidence and riddled with innumerable, dishonest contradictions,” Camille Cosby’s statement reads.

Constand’s lawyer, Dolores Troiani, swatted away Camille Cosby’s claims with a simple two-sentence retort.

“Twelve honorable people — a jury of Cosby’s peers — have spoken. There is nothing more that needs to be said,” he said in a statement emailed to USA Today.

Since the scandal jumped off in 2014, Camille Cosby said media coverage was odious and failed to live up to the “Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, which guarantee due process and equal protection and thereby eliminated the possibility of a fair trial and unbiased jury. Bill Cosby was labeled as guilty because the media and accusers said so … period.”

Camille Cosby, subsequently, demands that the state conduct a “criminal” investigation of the prosecution team, especially on Kevin Steele, the Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, district attorney for a host of alleged improprieties.

“This is a homogeneous group of exploitive and corrupt people, whose primary purpose is to advance themselves professionally and economically at the expense of Mr. Cosby’s life,” her statement said. “If they can do this to Mr. Cosby, they can do so to anyone.”

Steele’s office has not yet responded.

Camille Cosby, 74, kept a low profile as her husband withstood two trials on charges of aggravated indecent assault emanating from accusations from Constand that Bill Cosby surreptitiously slipped powerful controlled substances into her drinks to rape her at his Philadelphia estate in January 2004.

More than five dozen women have come out accusing Bill Cosby, 80, of drugging and/or raping them in episodes that date back to the late 1960s.

Bill Cosby, who is now labeled a convicted sex offender, could spend 10 years in prison on each count. He is expected to be sentenced in about one month and is confined to his Philadelphia mansion with a monitoring device until he returns to court.

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