Trillo Thompson Sr. talks forgiving his stepson Keyon Boyd’s killers

Trillo Thompson Sr. talks forgiving his stepson Keyon Boyd's killers
Photo courtesy of Trillo Thompson Sr.

Keyon Boyd was being a teenager when his life was taken from him. His life was promising. He was raised by his stepfather Trillo Thompson Sr. We spoke with him recently about how he feels after losing a son he had been raising since the boy was a young child. He speaks candidly.

Please describe the circumstances around the death of your child.
My son Keyon Boyd was 18. He just graduated high school the month before he was killed. On July 26, 2017, Keyon and some friends were on their way to play basketball at a local youth center. He was walking as two gunmen started shooting at each other. Keyon was shot once in the chest and died about an hour later at the hospital from his injuries.
Take a moment to talk about who your child was.
Keyon was the 2nd oldest out his siblings on his mom’s side and the oldest on his dad’s side. He was very smart on every level. He was the comedian of the family that always kept a smile on his face, even in the midst of adversity. Keyon was the kid that started his family to going to the church our family currently attends. He was a basketball fanatic who surrounded himself in every way he could with basketball.
Talk about how you feel when holidays like Father’s Day come around?
I’m not Keyon’s biological father but I’ve been with Keyon’s mother since he was about 4. So losing him was by far the worst thing that happened to our family. Our holidays, birthdays, family events and just everyday life will never be the same without Keyon.
Do you have forgiveness for the individuals involved?
Yes. I have forgiveness in my heart, only because my God Jesus Christ requires me to forgive those who do harm to us. Am I still angry? Yes I am, but I don’t hate those who killed my son. I can’t get into heaven with hate in my heart, so I rather forgive then not to.
What would you like to say to those who have never experienced what you are going through? What don’t they understand?
Love your children even when they are disobedient to their parents. Teach your children the truth about the world we live in and the senseless gun violence that kills our children everyday. For those who’s never lost a child from gun violence, please do everything you can to prevent them from becoming a statistic of gun violence. My son’s legacy is giving back to our community. Keyon always helped any person he could, from the food pantry at our church to homeless to local youth centers in the community.
What words do you have to say to the perpetrators of this crime?
I forgive you and I pray for your soul daily.
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