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BBK Phat on why Trina perfect for ‘Here We Go’ remix, why he continues to grind

BBK Phat, TRINA – Photo Courtesy of AMS Music Entertainment

Culture, upbringing and life’s experiences can all shape a person’s talent. This is especially true of rap artist-actor BBK Phat. Born and raised on the Westbank of New Orleans, BBK Phat made a strategic decision to relocate his family to Houston, to realize his lifelong dream of becoming a rap artist. Since the age of 13, he’s worked at developing his talent and resources, to prepare him to take advantage of opportunities like opening for “Lil Wayne, and working with industry greats like Future, Sean Kingston, Erykah Badu, Mack Maine, Mystikal, Tyga, Bun B, Yo Gotti, Lil Boosie, Juvenile, Young Jeezy, 2 Chainz, R. Kelly and Moneybagg Yo.

Now he can scratch another must-do off his bucket list after collaborating with Miami’s baddest chick TRINA on the “Slow Grind & Wind” remix of “Here We Go.”

Photo credit @Trinarockstarr Twitter

Rolling out caught up with the flashy swagger-laden artist to discuss how his drive and determination have kept his fans motivated and coming back for more. The better question was what did it take to snag “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” cast member and rapper TRINA for his latest remix?  Check out the interview:

Who wrote and produced your Remix “Here We Go” and what was the concept behind it?

I wrote it myself and Kirk Thuglas was the producer. I was going through a lot in my life at the time. The popular music producer Kirk said he had a song for me to write to give me a different flavor, and when I first heard the song I loved it. It took me a few days to write something to get it right, but when I finally heard it played back to me I literally fell to my knees. It sounded better than I imagined it would.

What made you want to put Trina on the remix?

It actually was a collaborative effort between myself and my label, AMS Music Entertainment. We wanted the song to be able to be placed in the hip-hop category and we felt that TRINA would be the best artist to give it that hip-hop appeal.

You mentioned that shooting the video took six days; did you and Trina shoot together or separately? 

Awwww man, we actually shot one full day together. It was an epic experience. Trina is a very real individual, humble and a true professional. We got a chance to discuss a lot of different things and she absolutely loved the song. From the moment she pulled up to the house with the pool where we shot the video, it was just all love. First words out of her mouth were “about time.” Her vibes were genuine. Everything was organic and we just had a good time.

What advice would you give other artists trying to establish their brand? 

Get your paperwork in order.

What makes your label different than others?

AMS is different from other labels because they are not looking for anything from the artist. They are in a financial situation where their business is already moving forward. Their business is in order, everything is in line; they are organized and trustworthy. I don’t feel like either party is using [the] other for self-gain.

They have the connections and the resources to help their artists achieve their goals. It’s more than business because the level of respect we have for each other is actually genuine. On both ends, we want to see each other grow bigger. It’s a mutual respect. I’ve been dealing with the CEO Alvin Mays for about two years and I know he is genuinely concerned about my career reaching the highest level, and I wish the same for the label as well.

G. Fields TRINA Alvin Mays – Photo Courtesy of AMS Music Entertainment

BBK Phat’s “Slow Grind & WInd” remix of “Here We Go” is available for download on iTunes and all music platforms. The video release date will be announced in the next couple of weeks. Fans can follow @BBKPHAT on all social media outlets and @amsmusicsouth. Check out some behind the scene photos from the video shoot after the break.