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Artist Sighren promotes humanitarianism during her ‘Grown Woman’ tour in Miami

Artist Sighren promotes humanitarianism during her 'Grown Woman' tour in Miami
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Name: Sighren

Industry: Music

City: Miami

Style/Genre: R&B

Favorite Artist(s): Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner. 

Describe who Sighren the artist is in five words. Love, happiness, sincerity, humanitarian and empowerment. 

When did you know R&B was the genre for you?

I knew R&B was the genre for me when I started to write my experiences and they were all connected to rhythm and blues. Just putting some rhythm to my blues.

How has your music career shaped you into the person you are today? 

It has really opened my eyes to emotions. A lot of people use counseling and different things to open themselves up to different emotions. I think music has opened myself up to a lot of emotions and taught me how to deal with them. Ultimately though, every experience has played a part. Like love, relationships and dealing with the good and bad. I’m not as catty as I used to be and I’ve learned how to let things go.

What music tour were you recently apart of? Best experience?

I was on tour in Miami to promote my new single, “Grown Woman.” I called it the Grown Woman Tour. My best experience was catching up with an old classmate that owns a restaurant. Basically, I decided to go in and just buy lunch for women and children to give back to my community.  There was one particular woman that came in and she had just a couple of dollars in her pocket to get only herself something. She didn’t have enough for the kids she was with. There I was telling them to get whatever they wanted and the kids were so excited. Just to be in that moment felt great. I was happy to go back to where I came from and get so much support. I know they were proud of my growth.

Any advice to younger women who are interested in having a music career as well? 

Really get to know yourself. When you are true to you, you can be true to everybody and everything. Really focus on getting to know yourself. That’s what will drive where you go in this industry. if you don’t know yourself you can get lost easily. Create your boundaries and limits, so you can stay in the driver seat.

If you had the chance to meet one music mogul and shadow them for a day who would it be? Why? I would shadow Tina Turner, because of her personal story and relevance to her music. When she jumped into the driver seat and left the relationship with Ike Turner, she never looked back. That was a major move for her. Not many artists can overcome an experience like that, but I admire her for taking her life back.

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