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8 free apps for budgeting finances

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Sometimes we all need a little help keeping track of our finances. While some can afford to pay others big bucks to do it for them, most cannot and rely on banks. There are tons of apps that can help you take control of your own budgeting right in the palm of your hand. Many of them charge a service fee, but we found some good ones that are free. Check out these free apps that will keep all of your finances on track.

Fudget: Budget Planner Tracker
Highest rated free budgeting app and the easiest to use.

Mint: Personal Finance & Money
The Mint app allows you to manage your money no matter where you are ,right from your smartphone. With graphs and other visual effects, it is easy to see the status of accounts and transactions. The app also syncs with the website to keep everything on track.

Buddy-Easy Budgeting
Great app for simple home and personal budgeting,

Albert: Save and Spend Smarter
Albert is the best financial assistant. The app helps you stop overspending and build savings.

YNAB (You Need A Budget)
Get out of debt and save money with this simple budget, personal finance and expense tracker.

Clarity Money-Budget Tools
Organize bills and expenses, and keep tabs on your spending, savings and debt.

Prism Pay Bills, Bill Reminder
This app tracks your bills and sends due-date reminders along with monthly expenses and account balances.

GoodBudget Budget Planner
Goodbudget is perfect for couples and roommates who share budgets and bills. Transactions are synced on multiple devices as well as in the cloud for Apple users.