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The-Dream welcomes baby No. 9 amid life-threatening circumstances (photos)

Rapper the Dream and wife. Photo: Instagram – @thekingdream

The Dream Team is growing by the day.

Producer and singer The Dream, 41, just welcomed baby No. 9. His wife, Lalonne Martinez, gave birth to the couple’s fourth child, a baby girl named Élysées, who reportedly arrived on May 6, 2019.

Martinez revealed on Instagram that it became a fight for her life as well as that for the child to arrive safely.

Photo: Instagram – @mrsnashxo

“This birth was by far the hardest,” Martinez wrote. “May 6th, eight weeks before our scheduled delivery. I had a placental abruption and underwent an emergency c-section. (Not my first, I knew this time was critical. My husband wasn’t able to come in, I was put to sleep and my sports bra and jewelry was on). This was life or death for Élysées and I.”

The wife added that The Dream, born Terius Youngdell Nash, was there during the long, arduous journey to childbirth.

Photo: Instagram – @mrsnashxo

“I woke up in recovery, husband by my side. He said our baby girl was doing well and that was all I needed to hear! I lost a lot of blood but everything going on with me was white noise. My only concern was Élysées. Following surgery I received 5 blood transfusions and spent the rest of the week battling high blood pressure, pain, body aches, chills and fever.”

She said it was divine intervention that ensured the safe arrival of the couple’s child.

“Seeing the divine circumstances, that lined up and brought us to the hospital…it was apparent our baby girl was ready & supposed to make her grand entrance on this day & that she did! Happy Birthday Élysées! She is a fighter and she is thriving.”

Martinez also gave shout outs to her husband for being there every step of the way.

“@thekingdream Thank you for being my rock and being able to keep calm (on the outside) through the chaos…and functioning off -7 days of proper sleep. I don’t know how you do it…I love you immensely and appreciate you!!”

The Dream has three children with his ex-wife, singer Nivea, to whom he was married from 2004-2008.

Singer Nivea. Photo: Instagram/@thisisnivea

The Dream also has a daughter with singer Christina Milian to whom he was married to from 2009-2011.

Singer Christina Milian and daughter: Photo: Instagram/@christinamilian