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Carrying less junk in her trunk is welcome relief for former ‘LHHATL’ star

Carrying less junk in her trunk is welcome relief for former 'LHHATL' star
Estelita Quinterio on June 20 following corrective surgery to remove butt implants. (Photo credit: Instagram – @estelitaquintero)

What’s it like to go from bootylicious to bootyless?

It is a happier life according to former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Estelita Quintero who recently made the transition.

Quintero, who is currently in recovery, traveled to Barranquilla, Colombia last week, where she had silicone fillers removed from her buttocks. 

In a 19-minute-long video posted to YouTube on June 21, Quintero noted that this wasn’t the first time she has tried to have the injectable fillers removed.

According to Quintero,  she received the butt injections while working as a stripper in Miami. However she explains that approximately five years later the alteration coupled with her depression, had started to make her feel sick. 

Carrying less junk in her trunk is welcome relief for former 'LHHATL' star
19-year-old Estelita Quintero prior to butt augmentation surgery. (Photo Credit: Instagram/ @estelitaquintero)

Prior to her travels to the South American country, more known for its drug trade than corrective surgeries, Quintero said she had tried four times to have the contents injected into her posterior to give its voluptuous shape removed. 

“It is crazy because I remember paying $1500 per section to get these freakin’ silicone injections right? And honestly, four unsuccessful surgeries in the U.S. was almost $80,000 through the years. And now I am here paying more money, but I know that this it,” said Quintero.

Opening up and documenting it all on camera and in the public domain of Instagram and Youtube, according to Estelita it is to spread awareness about the dangers associated with butt implants. 

“The purpose of me filming this video is to hopefully … show all the girls that it is not worth it -don’t freakin’ do it. I had this poison in my body for over eight years I am lucky to be alive right now,” said Qunitero. who then instructed the nurse to showcase a red bag, which was labeled with a radioactive hazard sign, noting that it contained the material that was taken out of her buttocks.

Carrying less junk in her trunk is welcome relief for former 'LHHATL' star
Bag containing material taken from Estelita Quintero’s buttocks (Photo Credit: Youtube Estelita Quintero)

The documented journey to recovery for the former reality TV show didn’t end with her near 20-minute-long YouTube video as she has continued to showcase her healing process in her Instagram stories.

On Monday (June 24) Quintero revealed that her condition had been improving steadily revealing that she no longer had any “drains” associated with the procedure.

While admitting that the healing process is no doubt very painful, Quintero said that she was relieved to no longer be burdened by her former booty which weighed almost twenty pounds. 

“I am thuggin’ it out,” said Quintero noting that she was managing the pain well, later hinting that she had support from God.

In making her experience public, Quintero has not escaped criticism however, she has proudly proclaimed that she is comfortable with her natural booty and beauty.

Quintero isn’t the only reality show celeb to have butt implants removed, In 2018 K. Michelle also opened up black market silicone butt injections which she had four surgeries to remove.

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