R. Kelly begging judge to remove him from solitary confinement

R. Kelly begging judge to remove him from solitary confinement
R. Kelly (Image source: Instagram – @rkelly)

When R. Kelly was busying himself as one the all-time great singers, songwriters and producers, he could get away with not being able to read or write because he was always surrounded by a loyal team to handle his affairs.

But R. Kelly’s illiteracy has caught up with him in a devastating way now that he is holed up in solitary confinement, with nothing but his thoughts to keep him company. He is being held without bail on a host of federal charges relating to alleged serial pedophilia and sex trafficking of underage girls. Kelly is also facing 10 state felony sexual abuse charges in Illinois with more charges filed or possibly coming in Minnesota, Michigan and Georgia.

Without an ability to read or write, 52-year-old Robert Sylvester Kelly has absolutely nothing to do each day to pass the time or keep his mind off the mountain of charges lodged against him.

According to TMZ, Greenberg said these harsh circumstances are driving R. Kelly crazy. They include:

  • no interaction with other inmates;
  • very few visitations;
  • showering only three times per week;
  • no recreation;
  • no ability to go outside to get some air and sunlight;
  • no ability to purchase items from the commissary;
  • one phone call per month for a maximum time of 15 minutes.

Greenberg said Kelly has not violated any rules and has not been convicted of a crime and therefore should not be subjected to such harsh treatment. R. Kelly previously requested to have a computer in prison so that he could work on music or do anything besides staring at the ceiling and his cell bars.

Of course, it is normal to segregate celebrities from the rest of the general population due to security concerns. Furthermore, prison officials are concerned that Kelly’s life would be imperiled because he is being accused of sexually abusing children, an unspoken code violation in prison that is usually met with severe consequences.

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