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New Ask Monica segment tackles ‘rolling out’ viewers’ burning questions

Monica Bey (Photo provided)

Rolling out is excited to announce the premiere of Ask Monica, a new weekly video segment where powerhouse Monica Bey will dive into answering all of your burning questions about life, relationships, business, spirituality, wellness and more.

The “Ask Monica” weekly segment will begin Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2019, at 2 p.m. exclusively on rolling out’s Facebook page.

Bey’s track record of success includes an incredible journey from the bottom to the top of corporate America and an amazing story of self-healing from a paralyzing illness. She is Atlanta’s most sought-after purpose alignment coach and energy healer, certified as a reiki master, life coach and hypnotist.

Unique in her approach,  Bey has a deep understanding of the intersection where the spiritual and practical worlds meet. Her knowledge base includes life mastery, the subconscious mind, meditation, trauma release, healing methods from all around the world and much more.

She has devoted her life to healing and transforming people worldwide using her groundbreaking original trademarked processes. She even shares her knowledge and teachings with the masses through her global podcast, “LifeMastery with Monica Bey,” as well as through appearances across Atlanta and on primetime networks, such as FOX.

Bey’s honest but fun-loving way of communicating is sure to capture your attention and keep you engaged. Because when it comes to life experience, she’s seen it all and is still smiling.

“When I was a kid, we went from middle class to poor to living in a motel before my mother found a way to get back on her feet and take care of us,” Bey says.

Though she describes her childhood as loving and full of strong family bonds, Bey overcame a stretch of sudden change, loss and heartache. On the other side of the disruption and grief was growth and perseverance, led by the example her mother showed.

It was these foundational experiences that taught her at an early age about self-empowerment and strength. As an adult, Bey has helped people come out of darkness and despair, gain the courage to start new businesses and follow their dreams, healed people from severe anxiety and depression and even enhanced athletic performance. She is the full package.

She is committed to helping people reach the pinnacle of happiness and fulfillment in line with their purpose because she believes people should be thriving, not just surviving.

Bey has passionately dedicated her life to helping others find purpose, happiness and abundance, and she’s ready to share that with you. During her segment, she will be answering questions that have been submitted and helping you find clarity and direction in various parts of your life. Her advice is on point, and she does not hold back.

She also will be sharing even more wisdom with you through her weekly and monthly blog posts. Be sure to tune in every week to see her work her magic and reveal life mastery tips. This is something you don’t want to miss.