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Lincoln’s 2020 Aviator offers sanctuary for the senses

Photo courtesy: Lincoln Motors USA

At the recent unveiling of the 2020 Lincoln Aviator, rolling out experienced firsthand Lincoln’s midsize luxury SUV, which embodies a “sanctuary for all senses.”

According to Lincoln, the 2020 Aviator was five years in the making. By tossing out all renderings from past versions, Lincoln was able to come up with a fresh new take, creating a big, three-row, mid-size crossover SUV loaded with power and grandeur.

The Lincoln Aviator is everything you need in a vehicle. Its durability and bold style welcome all occasions. Driving the Aviator is an experience. From its “kneeling” at your presence for easy access, to the unique chimes recorded by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra providing 25 musical features that notify drivers of everything from an open fuel door to an unlatched safety belt, Lincoln created a beautiful human sanctuary in an elegant SUV.

The new Aviator was designed to be “invigorating without being exhausting,” said Steve Hammond, Lincoln’s Southeast regional manager.

At first glance, eyes are drawn to the aeronautical inspiration of flowing lines and the aviation-inspired wraparound windshield. Lincoln also equipped the Aviator with a host of intuitive technology features. Smartphone compatibility converts to a “phone as a key.” The app allows owners to lock and unlock, open the liftgate and, most importantly, start and drive the vehicle all without a traditional key.

Lincoln has two trims available in its fleet. The Grand Touring electric hybrid, which has 494 combined horsepower, is priced around $51,100, and the Black Label starts around $71,695.