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Hui Lin is taking Dallas by storm with inspired art and floral design

Photo by: Ashley from your web guy

Hui Lin is quietly taking Dallas by storm with creative floral arrangements. Along with working in the financial industry and traveling extensively, Lin is an entrepreneur and the owner of Linspired Creations- Art and Floral Design. She says she gets a chance to eat in her spare time while continuing to grow her 3-year-old business.

Lin states, “I pop a bottle of wine when I’m designing my flowers. It’s my creative juice.”

Do you think that there are any widely held misconceptions about what you do? 

I believe from my experience that the biggest misconception about florals, in general, is the idea that fresh flowers are cheap. Clients also have the idea that we are just “playing with flowers” and feel the price we give is misconstrued. They [feel] cheated almost. How we combat this in the industry is through education. I educate my clients on the process so they can see the work and labor that goes into designing for their event. This adds value and understanding; which creates a better client experience.

Who do you consider to be your peers in your field? 

One of my best peers in my field is Sirine from Flowerstic Events. She exemplifies hard work, community, and integrity. She has come to my rescue more times than I can count, yet she does it to help, and never asking anything in return. She became a great partner to lean on and a better friend to have.

For those considering entering this arena, what skill sets do you recommend mastering?  

I would recommend taking formal classes. Shadow someone with experience and work for at least a year. We come across all types of situations on the day of the event. … The industry is evolving every season due to applications such as Pinterest and Instagram. Installations are getting bigger and complicated. Learning proper mechanics on how to set up, install, and design is imperative to avoid injuries, a mess, and a bad client experience.

What is your favorite vacation destination and why?

My favorite destination is Dijon, France. Dijon is near the countryside in France in the Bourgeois province. Inside this small city, it is booming with shopping centers, fresh markets, pubs, dance clubs, etc. Yet, drive 15 minutes outside and you will see rolling hills, fields, beautiful old chapels, lakes, mountains and forests. It is a beautiful side of France that displays both the city and the countryside. Most importantly, wine is so cheap and French food is amazing!

How do you stay at the leading edge of your craft?

I continue to network with great creatives – inside and outside of the field. Designing is an art form. I never put myself in a box and pressure myself to “fit in.” These grand and great designs were made because the designer was able to allow themselves to be inspired by something different. I try my best to be that designer, although it is challenging, I know it’s very important.