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Photographer Tailiah Breon trains her lens on entertainers, brands and fashion

Photo courtesy of Fashion Prodigy LLC.

Rank these in order of importance, while describing your rankings: Technical proficiency, clarity of vision, personal project investment.

Clarity of vision. Without knowing your direction, you cannot execute. It determines everything.

Technical proficiency. Your skill set is the determining factor in your ability to create without limitations. I know a lot of people believe that money and equipment [are] the limitation, but I believe a skill set is more important. When you know how lighting, tools [and] cameras work, you will know how to formulate plans to accomplish a vision with whatever resources are accessible.

Personal project investment is important, but I think it ranks last. Investment of knowledge goes further than a monetary investment. You can always rent, purchase, etc., but you have to know what you are doing prior to accessing the tools to do it. That way, with any budget or level of resources, you have more range of knowledge to get creative and accomplish the same goal multiple ways.

Photo courtesy of Fashion Prodigy LLC.

What is one passion that you are hoping to pursue in the future?

One of my upcoming projects is a visual series. A complete series of photography that should be detailed enough to tell an entire story through one image, no words.

What advice would you have for aspiring photographers, specifically people of color?

Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge with your peers. There’s no shortage of clientele.

Having a lack of equipment does not have to be the deal breaker in your ability to execute. Being in lack [of something] is one of the first steps to tapping into your creative range.

Social media: @Tailiahbreon l @fashionprodigy_
One thing cool about you: I scout and represent models
Favorite restaurant: Two Urban Licks
Favorite guilty pleasure: Sweet wine and candles
Favorite pastime: Watching enlightening interviews from icons

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