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‘Power’ actress Candace Maxwell discusses bold role and life after the show

Candace Maxwell (Photo credit: Theik Smith)

Candace Maxwell is a first-generation Caribbean-American actress and dancer who was born in from Queens, New York and raised in Atlanta. She is best known for her work as Cassandra Haynes on the hit TV show “Power.”

The 28-year-old was formally trained at the Maggie Flanigan Studio before landing her big role. Outside of TV and film, she is a passionate dance teacher and an advocate for underprivileged youth.

Maxwell, who also has an extensive background as a dancer, has been a back-up dancer for icons Beyoncé and Lil Kim.

We spoke with Maxwell about landing her role on “Power.”

How did you get your start in acting?

I started when I was really young. I had a family friend who had her own agency in Queens, New York. She told my mom, “You know, how about you put your daughter in commercials? She’s really cute. She can make money for college.” So that’s kind of how it started.

Larenz Tate, Candace Maxwell and Mario Van Peebles on the set of “Power” (Photo provided by Candace Maxwell)

What was the process of getting cast on “Power?”

The audition was the sex scene from that first episode with Larenz Tate. I walked into the casting office and I asked for a chair to do the scene and then we moved on to another scene, then I left. I thought nothing of it and I left to go to Ireland on a family trip. A few days into my trip, my agent called me to tell me I’d booked a recurring role on “Power.” I left early to fly back for the table read. I met 50 Cent and he said, “We loved your tape,” and I was just shocked.

How did you become comfortable with the nudity on camera?

I’m an actor and I use my voice, my body, what I wear, and what I say as a vessel to tell the story. It’s a part of the storytelling. I looked at it as using my body to portray this character and an element of her life.

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