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Naomi Campbell shares how she’s surviving self-isolation (video)

Naomi Campbell (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Naomi Campbell says she has a soothing bath routine.

The 49-year-old model, who takes her health and well-being very seriously, makes sure she jumps in the tub for 30 minutes at a time because it calms her down.

The brunette beauty is quoted by The Sun newspaper as saying: “I do a bath with Epsom salts and Kosher salts and vinegar. It’s very calming for the nervous system. I sit in there for 30 minutes, then I do a facial.”

And Campbell has more time for her bizarre baths now that she’s self-isolating at home amid the coronavirus crisis, which has infected more than 200,000 worldwide.

The catwalk icon — who is normally at home “like four days a month” — explained: “I look for the positive. I’m doing all these things to enjoy my home that I never get to enjoy.”

Campbell began to fear catching the virus, which originated from Wuhan, China, as soon as it started to spread around the world and wore a full hazmat suit, gloves and goggles to protect her when she flew on an airplane recently.

In a YouTube video on her popular “Being Naomi” channel, she explained: “This is it. This is my precaution. What do you think?

“In all honesty, this is not a funny time. It’s not a humorous time. I’m not doing this for laughs. This is how I feel comfortable traveling.”

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