Dudley Corp. CEO Ursula Dudley Oglesby discusses continuing her parents’ legacy

What are some business principles you adhere to in order to remain successful?

One of the main business principles for us to remain successful is we believe in faith. We believe in walking by faith. We know that when we work hard and we do God’s will to help somebody else through the Dudley brand and by building these businesses that everything is going to be alright. Not only will we be able to survive but we’ll also be able to thrive and continue to be successful with this 52-year-old brand.

What has been your approach and strategy to market your brand and products globally?

We have been very fortunate because of the demand here in the United States that has increased the demand internationally. We’re sold in eight different countries. We have people constantly asking, “Are your products sold in this country? Are your products sold in that country?” We’re looking for distributors not only here in the U.S. but also abroad who want to change the economic base of their communities and provide great quality hair care products and cosmetics.

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Cassidy Sparks

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