Idris Elba’s health update is just what the doctor ordered

Idris Elba (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Idris Elba provided an update on his positive COVID-19 status, and it is just what the doctor ordered.

According to Elba’s doctor, the British-born actor and his wife Sabrina will be immune to coronavirus after quarantine because he is still asymptomatic and his antibodies fought off the deadly virus.

As previously reported by rolling out, Elba announced he was positive for the coronavirus on March 17. He suspected something was awry after waking up with a headache and body aches. He was on location in New Mexico filming the Netflix western, The Harder They Fall.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, Elba’s claims of being immune are in fact true. Recent research indicates plasma from patients who’ve recovered has been used to treat active cases of the virus. With its death toll spiraling out of control, New York became the first state to begin using such testing.

Beyond that, TMZ reports that experts have confirmed that people who’ve recovered from an initial diagnosis of coronavirus are either less likely to contract it again, or they would experience a much milder case the second time around.

N. Ali Early
N. Ali Early

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