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Houston 27th wedding anniversary turns tragic; wife has warning about COVID-19

Press play to listen to Kim Gagne detail the events leading up to discovering how her husband of 27 years, record executive Emilian White, contracted COVID-19. After hosting a small gathering of less than 10 people at their home for their wedding anniversary, Gagne’s husband and four others were diagnosed with the virus.

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Kim Gagne, of Houston, had some chilling things to share regarding her experience with COVID-19. She wants you to realize that “… if you get sick, you’re at the mercy of the doctors and the nurses on the front lines.” Read a snippet of her interview below and listen to the full interview by clicking play above.

“We can remember when this all started: It was no more gatherings more than 200 people, 100 people, 50 people, then it was 10 people, and basically, I’m putting myself out there to say there should be no people. I’ve been saying, unless someone lives in your house, and pays your rent or mortgage, they should not be in your home.

“What started out for us was that we were celebrating our 27th anniversary on the 20 of March. It was still under that 10 people or less [government mandate]. We couldn’t go out to dinner obviously, because everything in Houston is takeout now. So, my friends were being wonderful, and one of them stopped over and brought a bucket of champagne. Then another friend stopped over and said “…hey, I want to cook dinner for you guys,” and bought all of this food and proceeded to cook dinner. My husband is there, I’m there and then later on, another friend stopped by with their husband and two kids. My kid was also there.

“Nobody’s really looking sick, we all look the same, we’re not kissing or hugging on each other. We’re doing elbow bumps and washing our hands and the whole nine yards. We’re all having a good time [for my] anniversary. That was on a Friday. By Sunday, my husband was really not feeling well and he was being very quiet. Sunday night, I took his temperature, and it was 102.5 degrees. We isolated him Monday and on Tuesday is when we took him to be tested. That’s when things went from zero to 100 just that quick.”

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