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Crystal Marie wants women to crush fear with their stilettos

Crystal Marie Young (Photo credit: Malachi Robinson, Point Black Films)

Fashionista and fempreneur Crystal Marie Young has defied the odds in her own life to become a savvy and successful fashion designer. While the world is in turmoil dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, Young decided to do her part to encourage other women not to allow fear to rule their thoughts with a lifestyle movement called Fear Doesn’t Go with My Outfit.

Rolling out talked with Young about her movement and how she intends to get other women stomping on their fear with their stilettos.

Fear is the biggest emotion many people are feeling right now. Isn’t this a natural reaction to the unknown?

Yes, yes, yes! You have learned fears and natural fears. Fearing the unknown is a natural response. However, I feel like some people are even more afraid of change. Having to change so abruptly and without warning is scary. But it’s doable and manageable when you just take a moment and breathe.

The key is to deal with one thing at a time. For example, if you are fearful about going out for the essentials (grocery shopping) because you don’t want to be around a lot of people. You can order curbside shopping by completing your order online or shopping first thing in the morning when the store opens so you can get in and get out. Fear can be managed by taking one thing at a time. When we try to do everything at once is when we get overwhelmed.

I encourage us to focus on the things we can change and not the things we can’t. We can’t change the virus from happening because it’s already here, but we can change how we respond and react to it to make sure we can stay as healthy as possible.

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