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Chef Jernard Wells transformed business to produce sanitizer during pandemic

Chef Jernard Wells (Photo provided)

Jernard Wells is an executive chef by trade with over 20 years of experience. He owns several restaurants, the most recent being an Asian restaurant, East Wave, in Atlanta. About 10 years ago, he launched a manufacturing company which created a lot of sauces and seasonings that are available in Whole Foods and across the country. Today, Wells is joining in the fight to aid the global health pandemic. We spoke with him about transforming his business for a cause.

What was the driving force behind launching Clean Wells hand sanitizer?

When the pandemic hit, everyone had to quarantine in their homes. My wife and I have a relatively big family [with] kids that are here in school. We wanted to challenge them to form a think tank for something that we could use our skills and our company to create. The thing [we] came [up with] was hand sanitizers because we all know the moment this pandemic hit the first thing that everyone ran out of [was] hand sanitizer, Lysol and toilet tissue. My wife came up with the name Clean Wells to playoff our last name the Wells family. And the kids said, “Hey, let’s do a sanitizer, something that can truly meet the demand but at the same time be good.” That’s how we ended up where we are now. We changed everything in our manufacturing company from producing food products to producing something that could truly be beneficial to the consumer and help meet the needs of all people.

Clean Wells hand sanitizer (Image source: Instagram – @chefjernard)

Explain what a think tank is and why are they helpful.

Think tanks are a group of like-minded people coming together and you just think about your research and you’re thinking about great ideas. Everybody has a different idea and is throwing them in the basket and throwing out the pros and cons of their particular idea. At the end, we unanimously choose one or two of those ideas.

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