To the ones who matter: a message to Black kings

To the ones who matter: a message to Black kings
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After another man who looked like the ones I admire was lynched for the world to see, my heart shattered. I tearfully drafted a text to the Black men in my life and pressed send.

The sentiments that came flooding back were unexpected, heartbreaking and yet assuring.

I got a rare glimpse into their quiet world of fear and pain that is suppressed daily by the expectation to “perform.” These men are from all walks of life. They are from varying generations, states and even countries.

The one thing they had in common is that they are undervalued globally and that I treasure them deeply. I wanted them to know that, though I’m tipping on the brink of my own explosion, I love them. I’m wanting to hold their hearts while their souls scream.

One of the men who received the private exchange asked that I share it with the world. So, here it is. I agreed because, quite frankly, it applies to every one of you, my brothers.

Maybe you need to hear this, today. Something tells me we all do.

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