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Kiara Judea Gaton pens children’s book ‘Loving Me ABCs’

Kiara Judea Gaton pens children's book 'Loving Me ABCs'
Kiara Gaton (Photo credit: B3 photography)

First-time author Kiara Judea Gaton recently published her first children’s book, Loving Me ABCs which was inspired by the love she has for her daughter.

Gaton, a native of Kingston, New York, who currently resides in Dallas, is a single mother, therapist and school social worker. She became an author with the intention of helping parents educate their children through reading books that represent them.

Through Gaton’s professional experience, she promotes education, self-realization and literacy for minority children, but it wasn’t until her now-2-year-old daughter was born that she decided to become a published author. Gaton spoke with rolling out about her belief in children and the future.

What was the motivation for creating Love Anise LLC ?
I believe if we want a bright future, we have to pour into the children who will one day be the adults leading our nation. As a result, I created Love Anise LLC, a business designed to educate and encourage literacy amongst children using books, puzzles, coloring activities, etc. As a school social worker, I noticed many minority children are years behind in reading. This is a problem not discussed enough. Reading is at the foundation of most jobs and skills. Reading and comprehending are critical to being successful and we want to be a part of the change to ensure our children are armored with the tools they need to succeed.

What inspired you to write Loving Me ABCs?
My daughter Nova Janae inspired me to write Loving Me ABCs. She reminds me a lot of myself when I was a kid. I was happy, carefree, smart and talented. I wish someone preserved my light more back then. I want my daughter to grow up knowing she is powerful, strong, resilient, and beautiful despite what society or others tell her. This led me to want to influence other children and empower them as well through a book that affirms everything they are and can be.

Kiara Judea Gaton pens children's book 'Loving Me ABCs'
‘Loving Me ABCs’ By: Kiara Gaton

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