Tami Roman warns White ‘Real World’ co-stars against using N-word

Tami Roman warns White 'Real World' co-stars against using N-word
Photo credit: Shutterstock.com / Jamie Lamor Thompson

Longtime reality TV star Tami Roman had to issue a stern lecture to a couple of her “Real World” castmates against the use of the N-word under any circumstances.

During the latest episode of “Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles,” Roman and the co-stars engaged in a round of “fishbowl” where they answer random questions written and placed in a bowl.

The room temperature ratchets up a few emotional notches when the subject of police brutality and Black Lives Matter is broached.

Irene Berrera-Kearns, a retired police officer, gives her perspective on the police killing of George Floyd and the BLM. 

“I saw things when I was in the force that I can’t forgive, and I’ve marched for Black lives, but also I support the good cops I worked with, because it’s a hard job that the bad cops are making harder,” Berrera-Kearns said. 

Glen Naessens recalled a time when his friend was called the N-word at a pizza parlor — the problem is that he used the actual word to describe the episode. 

There was a pregnant pause while Roman stared at Neassens in disbelief. She then admonished her costar that he “shouldn’t say it.”

Roman and Naessens then went back and forth on the topic, with Roman finally blurting out: “You don’t understand that I’m saying to you that the word should not come out of your white a– mouth.”

Berrera-Kearns added to the drama when she interjected and lectured Naessens on his usage of the word while using the word herself.

“You don’t say it either,” Roman said, “‘Cause you Latina.”

Check out the episode below:

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