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Hampton alum and Google chief diversity officer Melonie Parker gives 4 tips to executive success

As the chief of diversity of Google, Melonie Parker is an advocate for change and leadership for women and people of color in the workplace. Parker has advanced Google‘s employee engagement strategies and also serves as a Minority in Energy Initiative Champion for the Department of Energy. She is a powerhouse in human resources and an amazing Sister with Superpowers.

Why did you choose to be a sister with superpowers, and empower so many on this journey in corporate America?

I pay homage to all of the people who made sure that I could see myself in the future and that I was included in the picture. So, I stay in this work because I want all women of color, particularly Black women, to recognize that we are still in the picture, that we’re in the future, and that the future won’t be if we’re not in it. So many people did that for me along the way. When I found myself in places where I’m the only one, that messes with my head. I look to my left and my right and I don’t see anybody who looks like me, but we always come with community. I always want to remind people who are coming behind me and beside me that we always come in community, even if we are in the same rooms at the same time.

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