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Jason Steele, rapper influenced by neo-soul, freestyles about patience

The artist hails from an long-line of music relatives
Jason Steele, rapper influenced by neo-soul, freestyles about patience
Rapper Jason Steele. (Photo credit: Rashad Milligan for rolling out)

Jason Steele wants his audience to understand it’s all about the journey. A Minneapolis native now based in Atlanta, the rap veteran is preaching patience on his new EP Pit Stop (Days Before Traffic Jam).

The artist has a sound that sets him apart and he truly understands the importance of instrumentation. His father is J.D. Steele, a choir director, Minnesota music legend and one-third of The Steeles vocal group with two of his siblings.

Steele recently spoke to rolling out about the project, and some cultural differences in Minnesota and Atlanta.

How is the Atlanta music scene compared to Minneapolis?

Being from Minneapolis is really cool because it’s a laid-back town. So that’s the difference, but there are a lot of really dope creatives in Minneapolis. Me growing up there, I was able to learn a lot, and then getting to the A, I’ve been able to apply that where it’s a lot faster paced, a lot of people move here every day. That’s the difference, but both [are] great places to be.

You just released some new music. What is it and where can people find it?

You can check it out everywhere. I just dropped a two-song EP called Pit Stop (Days Before Traffic Jam). I’ve been working on this album called Traffic Jam, and it’s the story of patience, but before you go to that, you got to stop at your pit stops.

How would you describe your sound now?

It’s definitely like new-age soul and a different groove. Me growing up around funk, but me being very into rap and adding that lyricism. I’ve been able to successfully blend the two and make a sound.

You’ve had a lot of musical influences in your family. Would you name a few who impacted your career?

Shout out to my dad, J.D. Steele. He’s a singer-songwriter, writes musicals and the entire Steele family are musicians. They teach me a lot. Shout out to them for the gems they drop off on me. It’s always a blessing to be a part of that.

Where can people find you on social media?

Jason Steele Music. Everybody follow me there, @jasonsteelemusic.

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