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Toccara Jones discusses her character in new sex comedy ‘Three Ways’

Toccara Jones plays the best friend to the main character in the Andscape film, now on Hulu

Toccara Jones is a television personality, fashion model, occasional actress and singer. Jones is a part of Andscape’s Three Ways, a modern sex comedy now streaming on Hulu.

Jones gave us an overview of the movie, and what to expect from her character.

What interested you in this movie?

Because it was so real and it’s current. Today we are in such an environment where everyone is talking about their sexuality. And we’re talking about multiple husbands, multiple wives, same-sex relations, and transgenders. We’re just in a whole state of just sexuality, especially in the Black community. We don’t get a chance to showcase that in an honest space. Also, laughter is always good for your soul. You laugh hard at the real stuff.

Tell us about your character.

My character’s name is Ebony and she is the best friend of Stacey, which is the main character. Ebony is the friend that you know is going to keep it real. She’s going to shoot it to you straight with no filters. Sometimes she can be a little bit too honest. But you like it. You need that person. You’re going to call your friend that’ll tell you what you want to hear and you’ll call that friend who’s going to tell you the truth. The truth will make you laugh but the truth will also make you cry. She’s just a good friend who’s supporting her friend that’s going through this sex journey.

What are the differences between you and your character?

Ebony is straightforward, forward and she’s free. I’m a good friend too, and I’m straightforward but not as blunt as Ebony. She’s very blunt and direct. I care too much about how I say things because I don’t want to hurt [people’s] feelings. I’ll tell you the truth, but I always think first is it necessary, kind and fair.

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