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Dancer Valencia Lipscomb shares her beauty experience on set of ‘Praise This’

The family-friendly movie serves all of the looks for the culture

A Peacock original film titled Praise This premiered on April 7 and fans are raving about the movie. Starring Chlöe Bailey, rapper Quavo and comedian Druski, the movie tells the story of a girl who relocates to Atlanta and finds a new church home. The film examines Christian beliefs, although it isn’t exclusively for Christians.

The vibrant aesthetic of the movie was showcased through colorful clothing, big hair, and each character’s unique style. Professional dancer Valencia Lipscomb was honored to share her experience filming the new movie.

What was the hair and makeup experience like on the set?

Hair and makeup were done mainly by the crew on set. We had a long line of people sitting in front of mirrors that did makeup and maybe four or five hairstylists. Our days started early in the morning; we would take a break and eat lunch. This also included our male dancers, who may have needed some shaping up. I’m not a big makeup girl, so luckily, I know how to be brave and try new things. I’m tender-headed, so I cornrow[ed] my hair for the styles we were required to wear.

Were there any confidence-boosting techniques the cast practiced?

We were all pretty familiar with each other as colleagues, so it was easy to be ourselves and have fun. We did TikTok and filmed content behind the scenes until we got the OK to release anything we had. Also, the networking behind the scenes gave us a real confidence boost, just getting to know everyone on set. It was a reminder that work could be fulfilling too.

What was it like working with celebrities like Chloe and Druski?

I had a great time, especially being around Druski. He’s so funny, and I just felt like [he was] somebody I knew before. Chlöe Bailey was so friendly. Very high spirited, happy to be there, very friendly, and goofy like myself. I was honored to meet Michelle Williams, who we all know and love. It was just fun. Everybody [was] very personable.

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