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Meek Mill reacts to Texas man receiving 70 years in prison for spitting

Larry Pearson spit at police officers
Meek Mill reacts to Texas man receiving 70 years in prison for spitting
Photo credit: / Tinnakorn Jorruang

A 36-year-old Texas man was sentenced to 70 years in prison for allegedly spitting at police officers.

Larry Pearson was arrested in May 2022 when a person flagged down an officer for an alleged assault. The victim told the officers that Pearson hit her multiple times and that he had a firearm. The victim had multiple visible injuries; the weapon turned out to be an airsoft gun.

When Pearson was taken into custody, he started to kick the doors inside the vehicle, and when officers ordered him to stop, he spat at them. When he arrived at the Lubbock County Detention Center, he allegedly kept spitting at the officers.

Pearson was found guilty of two counts of harassment of a public servant. He had previous convictions for family violence and aggravated assault and as a result, he faced a minimum sentence of 25 years. Instead, he was sentenced to 70 years.

Prosecutor Jessica Gorman said that a 70-year sentence would not be handed down to someone for something like this if they had never been in trouble with the law before.

Meek Mill shared his thoughts on Twitter about the sentence, writing, “Nah this action level!!!!!

22 Responses

    1. How ironic, you calling someone ‘dum’ and your level of education is 3rd grade. 😆😆

    1. Yeah sure right!! While the article never says the race that I saw, I’m assuming you know he’s a certain race, and hence being that race makes everyone of that race an automatic victims. Because Nooo one can of that race or any race for that fact just can’t be a POS dirtbag criminal and Menace to society .. it has to be about his race !! Your a dumb ass

      1. Dirt bag or not AND no matter the race,but it probably is Black cause that’s how they do us, there are maximum penalties and a misdemeanor can’t carry a 25 or 70yr sentence. That’s “cruel and unusual” Period!

        1. I agree this is absolutely why the founders wrote the 8th amendment. It is there to protect us from a tyrannical government. To give a man basically what amounts to a life sentence for spitting is clearly a violation of the Constitution. I truly hope governor Abbot commutes his sentence to either time served or no more than 12 months whichever is appropriate.

  1. 70 yrs is a long time but let’s break it down his min was 25 correct..he will do 33and a half and with good time hell do the guess is judge wanted to b sure he does minimum. why? Cause he kept SPITTING ON OFFICERS WHEN HE GOT. AUGHT ASSAULTING SOMEONE!!!! QUIT CRYING CAUSE YOUR FKN BLACK!!!THAT SHIT IS OUTFKNDATED

    1. Ok, you should change your name to Karen. I think it suits you better ie a white woman perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is normal in case your not familiar with the term. I’m not black and I can see how excessive this sentence is. I’m also not white either so I’m guessing to you, that somehow makes my opinion less important.

      He definitely should get 25 years minimum even with good behavior. Sentencing him longer than a first degree murder charge is excessive (30 years minimum). Are you saying that spitting on officers is worse than premeditated murder, Karen?

      1. Karen is a racial slur, you racist pig. And yes you can be racist even if you’re not white despite university professors, the MSM, and Democrats informing you otherwise.

    2. Amber Guyger, a white cop, killed a guy in his own apartment, “because she thought it was her apartment, “ and was sentenced 10 years. You cannot explain away giving a man 70 years or even 25 timed served. Racism is live and well all I over the world, but especially in the United States of America.

  2. Tht dumb@$$ n!{}ur should got 750 yrs just because of the way all u black fu©k$ always wanna use tht dumbshit cause we black no it ain’t cause ur black it’s because u all are still looking for a hand out any way unz all can get it it’s ur race is exactly whts wrong w/our country it’s ur race u black fucks thts gonna kp on shitten on us cause ur to stewpid to realize tht it’s all u smokes thts ruining ths country w/unz stewpidity I dnt understand how it was ur own ppl tht made unz niggaz but go ahead blame unz problems on everyone else all unz are nothing more than yellowbellied bums

    1. You are a stupid mother fucker and you spell terrible. You white folks shitted on the blacks for years and still doing it. You say a lot but in the real world say that shit on the street. I have a license to carry and I will use it if necessary. And yes it is because he black. Race has always played a role. I know a man that got 90 years for spitting at a pig in smith county he black so fuck what your dumb ass saying

  3. This goes to show how screwed up the justice system is currently. I say this because I’m white and was raped by a family member from the age 5 til I was 12 off and on and was not the youngest of his victim she was 3. He was given only 30 years and only served 7. He was a uncle. Now my dad was arrested and given 21years under the 70 percent law and served 14 of them flat. Only because a guy was stopped and arrested for drugs and said my dad made him go get them. With this known felons testimony my dad was arrested and sentenced. I don’t see how this is fair nor do I see this man’s sentence fair. He’d probably been better off being a pedophile. Sad but true. It happens to all people of all color hopefully the next generation will stand up and have this changed.

  4. Check it out,yea it’s true blacks get raw deals but let me tell you it’s not just blacks.ive had my head and face smashed by police sat in a court room for poss.of fire arm,a fake bill with Chinese writing my son got on wish and clean scales watched 3 BLK guys who molested kids get 5yrs or less on probation,they offered me 2 life sentences plus 10yrs for scales if I lost in a jury trial.i took 7 yrs non violent did 2 yrs in county,over a yr in a prison in okla.i discharge it in 33%.after 3/12yrs I was forced to take parole for tha math.moral of this is it’s not a BLK,or white etc.thang it’s a people thang.they put rasist chit in our minds to keep us separated time to come together.

  5. Has nothing to do with the fact that he’s black. It has everything to do with the fact that he’s a violent thug who’s obviously unrepentant. Play stupid games win stupid prizes 🤷🏻‍♂️

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