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Genetta L. Robinson makes smooth transition from reporting to marketing at Hulu

Genetta L. Robinson uses empathy and resilience to make her mark in Philadelphia
Genetta L. Robinson. (Photo credit: Ed Ward III of Ward Legacy Studios)

Genetta L. Robinson, a dynamic marketing and communications executive, excels in crafting culturally resonant campaigns across platforms, boasting a stellar track record in media and entertainment. Formerly an NPR reporter, she transitioned to advertising sales and marketing at NBC Universal. Across her career portfolio, including General Electric, Burlington Stores (corporate), and CBS Corporation, Robinson’s contributions have garnered more than $10 billion in sales revenue. Currently, as senior manager of inclusive marketing at The Walt Disney Company | Hulu, she pioneers diversity initiatives and audience segment strategy.

Robinson holds degrees from Syracuse University, contributes to philanthropy as a board member of The 12th of Never Foundation, Inc., and is a proud Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. member.  She cherishes family life with her husband, McKenzie Robinson, and their two daughters, Vivian and Victoria, and enjoys shopping sprees with her mom, Bertha Walker.

As a Black woman, what is your superpower?

I believe my superpower is empathy — the ability to connect deeply with others, understand their experiences, and inspire positive change. Guided by my faith, trust, and belief in God [and] the invaluable lessons from my amazing family, I genuinely care about uplifting those around me, breaking down barriers, and creating inclusive spaces where everyone feels valued and heard. Additionally, as a Black woman, my superpower is my voice, amplified by generations of strong Black women who came before me, paving the way for progress and equality for our community.  

What key skills or qualities make you unique as an African American woman leader?

I embody resilience, compassion, and purposeful impact. My resilience, shaped by overcoming systemic barriers, fuels my resolve to challenge norms and amplify underrepresented voices. I lead with the empathy necessary to foster inclusive environments where diverse perspectives are valued. With keen self-awareness, I navigate intersections, ensuring my efforts drive equity and opportunity for everyone. In essence, my unique combination of resilience, compassion, and intentional leadership drives meaningful progress and opens pathways of opportunity for other Black women. 

What thoughtful or encouraging piece of advice would you give to your younger self?

I would emphasize the importance of embracing your uniqueness, voice, and dreams with unwavering confidence. Trust in  God’s timing, as He is always on time. Refuse to let fear or self-doubt obstruct your path. Remember, your voice, presence, and perspective hold immense value; never underestimate their impact.

If you could thank any Black woman for her contributions to history and society, who would it be and why?

It would undoubtedly be my mom, Mrs. Bertha L. Walker. Her unwavering strength, resilience, and endless sacrifices have shaped not only my life but also the lives of countless others. From illustrating God’s love and instilling in me the values of compassion and empathy to serving as a role model of perseverance and determination, she has been a guiding light through every challenge and triumph. Her unconditional love continually empowers me to navigate obstacles with courage and grace. My mom, also known as ‘The World’s Greatest Grandma,” leaves an indelible mark on our family and community. To me, my mom represents the embodiment of faith, hope, and love, making her a true hero in my eyes. 

Why is it important for more experienced Black women to reach back and help younger women of color?

Guiding the next generation of women of color is a moral obligation and strategic imperative. Witnessing representation fosters belief, and through dedicated mentorship, we cultivate skills and confidence, nurturing diverse leadership poised for positive change. Our efforts to reach back and reach out break down barriers and continue the empowerment we’ve experienced. By sharing the support we’ve received or wished for when it wasn’t given, we foster a legacy of progress and nurture diverse leadership essential for an inclusive future. 

Share three career highlights.

1. Experiencing the thrill of hearing my voice on WAER 88.3 FM for the first time as I covered a local fair in Syracuse. This moment coincided with the excitement of seeing my name featured in the rolling credits of TLC’s “A Dating Story” during my initial role after graduating, where I served as a production assistant and location scout.

2. Spearheading the transformation of Hulu’s messaging strategy to embrace “Black Stories Always” was a defining moment in my career. Leading the Giving Flowers – Black History Month ’23 Campaign, which was recognized as an official honoree for the Best Cause Related Campaign by the Webbys this year, was an achievement that  resonated deeply with me. 

3. One of the most fulfilling aspects of my professional journey is the ongoing dialogue I  share with my daughters about my work and its broader significance. Witnessing their genuine interest and curiosity when they have the chance to see my work firsthand sparks meaningful and enjoyable conversations that not only motivate me but also reinforce my dedication. Balancing motherhood and a career serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of authenticity, transparent communication, and lifelong learning, shaping both my personal and professional growth.

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