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Ray Austin builds Fan Controlled Football League

A former NFL player for the Chicago Bears and the New York Jets, Ray Austin is now an actor and budding entrepreneur. Serving as co-founder and commissioner of the Fan Controlled Football League, Austin is amped about the next step

Geno Brooks debuts new series, ‘Jones’

Geno Brooks, a filmmaker from Chicago, has been inching his way into Hollywood since 2009 with a variety of web-series. On Feb. 14, he and his Artistic Standard collective debuted his newest venture, Jones, an original love story about transitioning

A-Lex prepares for Grammys and debut release

Singer, songwriter and producer A-Lex ended 2017 with a Grammy nomination and is looking toward more success starting in 2018. Born and raised in Decatur, Georgia, Alexander Lloyd has been writing music since 2008. Lloyd has been on a steady

New class of R&B takes genre back to its roots

The new class of R&B acts have swept through the last year in a genre-bending breeze. R&B in the first decade of the 2000s was powered by love, happiness and the beautiful struggles in between. Since cracking into the second

J. Cole and others shift the experience of the casual listener

Casual listeners of artists like J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar have gotten the short-end of the stick compared to core fans with their recent albums. Recently, Cole and others have stepped away from experimentally pleasing the masses. We’ve seen an

Alechia Reese cites relationships as the key to success

Daya by Zendaya Strategic Marketing Director Alechia Reese is a marketing maven and founder of 360 Gateway Brands. She is the author of Eating Elephants and a public speaker and despite her superhero-like feats, Reese is human. Born into poverty, Reese

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