Racist person threatens to kill Black students at Howard University

Howard University

Another racist person has made a threat against Black students. This time it was directed at Howard University. The threat came from the website 4Chan. In the letter, the anonymous person wrote, “Seriously America why are we still putting up this s—? They [Blacks] go around whining and complaining as if there’s something that’s wrong […]

Why do we hate (on) Iggy Azalea?

Why do we hate (on) Iggy Azalea?

It’s interesting to me to watch the commotion around Iggy Azalea and the reactions from people who don’t understand why she catches so much heat. I mean, it should be pretty obvious that Black people are never, ever OK with appropriation of our culture (unless you’re the one cashing the checks because of it. *cough*, […]

KKK Grand Wizard appears on MSNBC, promises violence in Ferguson

The face of the KKK is not afraid to take off the hood and promise violence. What is surprising was the fact that the Grand Wizard of the “Traditionalists American Knights of the KKK” was appearing on MSNBC making shadowy threats of “use of lethal force” in Ferguson, Missouri. MSNBC host Chris Hayes had as […]

Racist New Hampshire police commissioner calls President Obama N-word and will not apologize

A racist police commissioner in New Hampshire is the latest figure to show ignorance through racist attitudes. According to the Associated Press, Robert Copeland, 82, police commissioner of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, called President Barack Obama the N-word during a conversation. Copeland admitted using the N-word, but he refuses to apologize for his ignorance. Residents in […]

40 percent of white Americans only have friends who are white

America remains a segregated nation. According to Reuters, about 40 percent of White Americans only befriend people who are white. Although diverse work environments, schools and social media allows more people to interact with others outside their race, a lot of people are only befriending others of their own race. In comparison, only 25 percent […]

Rush Limbaugh Suggests African Americans Teach Their Young to Hate America

If the absurdities of Donald Trump or Sarah Palin are not enough to keep the masses amused and confused, one can always rely on recovering addict Rush Limbaugh to keep hate and racist innuendo front and center. Last week on his radio show, Limbaugh boldly retorted that “all” African Americans intentionally teach their children to hate […]