Rosario Dawson reacts to outcome of anti-trans lawsuit against her family

In October 2019, the 42-year-old star was subjected to legal action from Dedrek Finley, a trans man and longtime family friend who used to work for the Top Five actress doing household repairs,  after he alleged mistreatment and discrimination including anti-trans insults and physical assault. In autumn last year, the court granted Finley’s voluntary request […]

Rosario Dawson explores life as a cancer patient in ‘The Water Man’ (video)

In her role in the new fantasy-driven film The Water Man, Rosario Dawson portrays a mother who is dying from leukemia while trying to hold her family together. The film also stars the brilliant David Oyelowo as her husband and Lonnie Chavis (“This Is Us”) as the couple’s young son. The Water Man, which opens […]

David Oyelowo directs and stars in new literary fantasy, ‘The Water Man’

[embedyt][/embedyt] Award-winning actor David Oyelowo directs and stars in the new literary fantasy, The Water Man. Joined by Lonnie Chavis (“This is Us”) and A-lister Rosario Dawson, the storyline follows a son attempting to follow science, the supernatural and a mythical ‘water man’ to the key to everlasting life.

Cory Booker embraces his petty with hilarious Inauguration Day post aimed at 45

Cory Booker is unquestionably one of the most polished and professional political mainstays our country has ever seen. The U.S. senator from New Jersey took in the inauguration of Joe Biden, the 46th president of the United States, on Jan. 20, 2021, and couldn’t resist the chance to throw some shade at the now-departed and […]

Cory Booker and Rosario Dawson finding life ‘enriching’ together

Rosario Dawson and her boyfriend, U.S. Sen. Cory Booker, D-New Jersey, have found life “incredibly enriching” since moving in together. The 41-year-old actress moved into her politician boyfriend’s New Jersey home over the summer so that they could spend lockdown together amid the coronavirus pandemic, and Booker has now admitted the couple are loving life […]

Rosario Dawson describes how she’s spending time in self-isolation

Rosario Dawson isn’t spending quarantine with her boyfriend Cory Booker. The 40-year-old actress is taking care of her high-risk father during the pandemic, and so has had to spend her time in self-isolation “thousands of miles” away from her boyfriend Booker, who is working in Washington D.C. Speaking to “Entertainment Tonight,” she said, “We are so […]

Rosario Dawson comes out … or does she?

Rosario Dawson recently explained her sexuality. Kind of. The 40-year-old actress was believed to be announcing her sexuality in 2018 when she posted a tweet that read, “Happy pride month! Sending love to my fellow lgbtq+ homies,” but while she insisted that wasn’t her intention at time, it is not untrue that she is bisexual but […]

Rosario Dawson takes on strong lead role in new USA series, ‘Briarpatch’

In the new USA Network series “Briarpatch,” Rosario Dawson’s character Allegra Dill is an investigator who is determined to solve sister’s murder. Set in the fictional Texas border town of San Bonafacio, aka St. Disgrace, Dill returns to investigate her sister’s death and discovers how corrupt the town really is. What ultimately ensues is an […]

What Rosario Dawson has vowed to give up this year

Rosario Dawson has vowed to give up alcohol and marijuana for 2020. The 40-year-old actress wants to “cleanse” her body for the next 12 months after her father underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer late last year, and has said that part of her new healthy lifestyle will involve completely cutting out booze and weed from her diet. […]

NBC’s new slate of shows highlight black talent; here’s 3 we can’t wait to see

NBC’s new shows for 2020 will cover everything from forensics to communal parenting. Rolling out was in attendance at the 2020 press tour on Saturday. The all-day event provided insights on the network’s most popular returning shows and sneak peeks at what’s to come. “Briarpatch” — USA Network “Briarpatch” follows Allegra Dill (Rosario Dawson), an […]

Cory Booker opens up about his relationship with his ‘boo’ Rosario Dawson

Presidential candidate, Cory Booker feels “very, very blessed” in his relationship. The New Jersey senator who is dating actress, Rosario Dawson, is praising her for helping to make him a “better person” and making him more “courageous,” thanks to her “nurturing spirit.” In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, which will air on Wednesday, March 20, 2019, he […]

Hollywood actress is in love with presidential hopeful Cory Booker

U.S. Sen. Cory Booker appears ready to plunge headfirst into the 2020 presidential election. But the former Newark mayor and Democrat representing New Jersey in Congress, has also reportedly fallen head over heels for a certain Hollywood actress. It turns out that Booker is confirmed to be dating and falling for Rosario Dawson, who is best known for […]

Rosario Dawson admits she was sexually abused as a child

The 38-year-old actress says it wasn’t “foreign” for her when the allegations surrounding the likes of Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey became public as she was “raped and molested” as a young girl. Speaking on the Morado Lens podcast, she said, “I was raped and molested as a child, so for me, the world was […]

Rosario Dawson finds cousin dead in her L.A. home

Rosario Dawson’s discovers her cousin unresponsive in her Los Angeles pad. According to multiple reports, the 38-year-old actress, best known for her role in Netflix’s hit series “Daredevil,” walked downstairs in her Venice home on Thursday, May 11 when she found her 26-year-old cousin, Vanez Ines Vasquez, unconscious. While Dawson immediately called the paramedics, they […]

Mariah Carey, stars of ‘The Lego Batman Movie’ discuss film

Mariah Carey, Rosario Dawson, and Will Arnett stopped to speak with rolling out at the premiere of The Lego Batman Movie premiere in Los Angles. Carey brought her twins to the film screening and spoke with us about making movies they can enjoy. [jwplatform fhYKmGeU]

Rosario Dawson arrested on Capitol Hill

Although actress Rosario Dawson hasn’t graced the big screen in quite some time, she’s most definitely on the protest circuit. On Friday, April 16, the Top Five star was briefly arrested, ticketed and released during a protest at Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. Donned in a jacket bearing the likeness of Democratic presidential candidate U.S. […]

Tidal streams little known Black western film stars Erykah Badu, Rosario Dawson

When Jay Z launched his new streaming service, Tidal, one of the biggest selling points he laid out to fans was the exclusive content the service will provide for users. Wasting no time in fulfilling that promise, users can now check out a little known film by director Jeymes Samuel called They Die By Dawn. Featuring an ensemble […]

With ‘Top Five,’ Chris Rock finds his voice — and his niche

In “Top Five,” Chris Rock plays Andre Allen; a comedian fighting to be taken seriously as he enters the next phase of his uber-successful Hollywood career. After launching the lucrative “Hammy the Bear” franchise, Allen is now attempting a dramatic epic about a Haitian slave uprising

Chris Rock is tired of waiting on White Hollywood

  “People are too perfect sometimes in movies. It’s nice to have a flaw.” Chris Rock has been focused on flaws a lot lately. He’s opening up about his flawed approach to directing in the past, the flaws he sees in Hollywood, and for several weeks, he’s been writing and speaking about the flaws in […]

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