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Oh, no one is paying attention to me. Wrong, the public is always paying attention to what you are doing, saying and putting out. Your personal brand becomes your overall brand identity. Before we move any further, let’s speak on brand identity. The brand identity, which focuses on value and appeal, is the perception given to consumers. Now that we spoke briefly on brand identity, let us move directly into speaking about personal branding.


Personal branding is self-promotion. The keyword “self” is the same as the word “personal” — they are about you. Understanding that promoting your strengths will help consumers and understand the need in buying into your brand. You need to know who you are, what you are selling and why you are selling it. Everything about business relates to branding and the selling of something. The public loves to see who is behind their favorite product. So understand that having a clear understanding of what you are selling and sharing it with the world is very important.


The saying goes “with growth comes change” and this is true when it pertains to your personal brand. One of the biggest pluses about personal branding is that it shows you everything about yourself. This is the best part of your personal brand because it removes any lies we tell ourselves about ourselves. Reinvention is a thin line between success and failure. We all have things that we need to change or tweak about ourselves. A change in our patterns, beliefs, or obstacles can help us be the most successful version of ourselves, thus leading us to show our most purposeful state to the world.


Do you stumble to introduce yourself and your business at networking events and cocktails parties? Self-confidence is the one thing in business that you can’t go without. When it comes to business, personal branding gives you your elevator pitch as well as the authority to represent your business with authenticity and finesse.

USP (unique selling proposition) 

The unique selling proposition, better known as the unique value proposition, is a very important part of the personal brand to understand because companies pay tons of money to understand each product in the marketplace. There is the only one you and you have the unique value that allows you to articulate your success in your field. Displaying your USP will increase your self-promotion as well as focus on your key differentiators — what makes you or your company different and why they should hire you or buy from you.

Being on form

“No one built like you, you design yourself.” –Jay Z said it well. You should wake up every day knowing that you are here to bring something unique to the world. You must take this into consideration when you are projecting your personal brand. Your business is the strong part of your personal brand so what you project through your strengths and weaknesses becomes what your competitors, consumers, and peers pick up on. When you start to establish why you are unique, your consumers will start to connect that to your business. Once your personal brand is in tune with your business, consumers will buy and support for two reasons, personal support and for the love of your product or service.



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