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Guerlain Beauty Expert Alpha Wilburn Reveals the No. 1 Beauty Mistake Black Women Make


What is one of the biggest mistakes black women make in our application of makeup?

Thank you for asking that question! I have seen so many African American women with eyelashes and nothing else on their face. It is an imbalance, … if you’re going to wear a full set of lashes, you have to balance the look. You have to contour the cheek, you have to wear a little bit of foundation, and African American women are anti-foundation, sometimes, so wear a tinted moisturizer, something to even out the complexion, or wear a little blush with an undertone. You should also “pop” the lip with a gloss; you must balance your look with a full set of eyelashes.

Alpha Wilburn works at Guerlain, Neiman Marcus, Chicago.





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