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Beyoncé updates her Instagram, she and Jay Z meet Gloria Estefan in Miami

Beyoncé's Instagram Beyoncé’s Instagram photos 

Beyoncé’s latest roundup of Instagram photos show her frolicking in Miami and wearing an expensive piece of jewelry. The songstress, who was recently blasted for sampling the Challenger shuttle disaster in her new song, is now showing off a custom-made necklace that reads “Flawless” from designer Lorraine Schwartz, as well as photos in front of portraits and murals  in the sunny locale.

Additionally, Bey was spotted alongside Jay Z meeting Gloria Estefan at Miami’s Sea Salt restaurant. Gloria was accompanied by her daughter (far right) and her husband Emilio (far left).

Ran into the incredible @Beyonce & @Jay-Z post Dolphin game @ Sea Salt on the Miami River,” Estefan captioned their photo. 


In addition to rubbing elbows with Gloria Estefan, Beyoncé updated her Instagram with a picture that’s drumming up controversy. In it she poses in front of a portrait of the “Last Supper.” The image is being blasted by Christians who noted that Bey is sitting in the center of the photo and blocking out Jesus Christ as if to compare herself to the Savior.

So far she has yet to comment on the controversial picture (below).

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 10.58.53 AM


Check out more of Beyoncé’s Instagram photos below. -danielle canada