Video surfaces of T.I. confronting Apollo Nida for referencing his plea deal


Video of T.I. confronting Apollo Nida surfaces

Just last week T.I. confirmed that he’d had a run in with Apollo Nida of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and now a video has surfaced of their encounter.

As previously reported, Nida tweeted that after he pleaded guilty to bank and wire fraud, he was given a deal similar to that of T.I.’s and Mike Vick’s who he seemingly said cooperated with authorities.


Obviously offended  by the remarks, T.I. then told Big Tigger of V-103 that he didn’t take too kindly to Nida inferring that he “snitched,” so he confronted Phaedra Parks’ husband in person.

“To be honest with you man, my phone rang and somebody said dude said such and such and I hadn’t seen it, but I’d say within 30 minutes, just low and behold I just happened to be at an event and I saw him. So I asked him what’s up with that and then he said he didn’t say it, so I asked him to clarify it so people won’t be misconstrued and I went on about my day,” T.I. explained.

Now in a video of their confrontation recorded by rapper Mike Bigga, T.I. is seen reading Apollo’s tweets off of his cellphone and is asking him to expound on their meaning.

“Ain’t no same language though,” says T.I. to Nida who tries to plead his case.

“That’s not what it says, Tip!” replies Nida.

Mike Bigga then tells the reality star that he should look into Prop 35, a ruling that’s brought up in a court case when the defendant agrees to cooperate with authorities.

“The way you said the s—- it sounded like you said he used a [Prop] 35,” says Bigga.

After the run-in with the Bravo star, Bigga tweeted that he was “stuttering like a moped motor”when he talked to T.I.

Check out video of T.I. confronting Apollo Nida for referencing his plea deal below. -danielle canada

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