4th of July cocktail recipes from Jim Beam’s master mixologist Bobby “G” Gleason

Celebration of our nation’s independence is incomplete without the perfect cocktail. Whether you plan to kick it in the backyard with a few friends or host the whole block, you’ll need a refreshing, ice-cold, All-American drink in hand to make the Fourth of July party complete. Bourbon history mirrors U.S. history. Rebellion. Progress. Heroes. Facts. Legends. It’s why bourbon is, and will always be, America’s Native Spirit — a spirit the Beam family has had a tremendous hand in helping to create, foster and grow for over 200 years. We’ve teamed up with Jim Beam’s master mixologist, Bobby “G” Gleason, to mix up a few easy, perfectly patriotic cocktails for your celebration this year, which you’ll find below.

Here, check out these tasty Fourth of July cocktail recipes.Honey White+Blue_17

Honey White & Blue

*Created by Bobby “G” Gleason, Beam’s master mixologist


· 2 parts Jim Beam® Honey

· 1 part Blue Curacao

· 2 parts White Cranberry Juice

· Juice of one half lime


Shake all but the Curacao and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Slowly pour the Curacao against the inside of the glass so that it sinks to the bottom. Garnish with a strawberry on the rim.

Berry American_no garnish

Berry American

*Created by Bobby “G” Gleason, Beam’s master mixologist


·         1 ½ parts  Jim Beam® Original

·         2 parts Fresh Mixed Berries

·         1 part Fresh Lime Juice

·         1 part Simple Syrup

·         Lemon-Lime Soda (to taste)


Combine all ingredients and shake together. Strain into a cocktail glass (can be served over ice). Garnish with fresh strawberries and blueberries.

Liberty Lemonade

Liberty Lemonade

*Created by Bobby “G” Gleason, Beam’s master mixologist


·         1 part Jim Beam® Honey

·         2  fresh Lemon Sour

·         4-6 fresh Blueberries

·         Club Soda

·         Simple Syrup


In a mixing glass, muddle the blueberries with a splash of simple syrup. Add the Red Stag by Jim Beam® Honey Tea, lemon sour and shake with ice then fine strain over fresh ice in a tall glass then top with Club Soda.

Garnish with 3 fresh blueberries and a lemon wheel on the rim.

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